The Hermès H08 La Matière In Rose Gold Just Hit Stores — And We’re Predicting It’s Going To Do Very Well

The Hermès H08 La Matière in rose gold, introduced as part of the brand's contemporary collection just hit stores.

By Adrienne Faurote

Hermès Highlights Craftsmanship With The New Arceau The Three Graces

Hermès has always been a brand that embraced artistic crafts. First and foremost, with their extensive leather collections, but also their watches have the spotlight on exquisite arts that so few master. The brand displays its unbelievable capabilities in this field once again with the Arceau The Three Graces, highlighting what is perhaps the most graceful creature of the animal kingdom, the giraffe.

A Colorful Trip To Paradise With The New Hermès Arceau

If there is one thing Hermès never seem to have a shortage of, it is creativity. Especially with their legendary Arceau watch, designed in 1978 by Henri d'Origny, they continue to dazzle with the most imaginative creations in Technicolor. This is also the case with the latest edition, the Arceau Toucan de Paradis. This exotic bird is known primarily because of its sizeable colorful beak. In 2020 the young British artist Katie Scott reimagined this unique animal for a silk Hermès scarf. In her signature style, she combined realism with bold colors. The result was not only imaginative but also very captivating, and it has the same effect on the dial of the Arceau.

Hermès Dazzles With Slim d’Hermès La Source de Pégase

Hermès has always been a brand that feels very passionate about the metiers d'art. Many of their watches celebrate a great diversity of crafts. With that, Hermès is also playing a vital role in safekeeping these often rare forms of expertise for future generations. For their latest creation, the Slim d'Hermès La Source de Pégase, they give center stage to a mythical animal brought to life through engraving, miniature painting, and straw marquetry.

Hermès Goes For Blue With New Arceau Grande Lune

In some watches, all the favorites blend together in one. Such a timepiece is the new Arceau Grande Lune by Hermès. With this watch is the brand expanding its highly successful Arceau line. You can take this quite literally as this new addition is also immediately the largest member of the family, measuring 43mm in diameter.

Hermès Goes Titanium With New Slim d’Hermès Quantième Perpétuel

These days there is no shortage of perpetual calendars. Most brands have one in their collection, yet not all are equal. Because there are quite a few to choose from, standing out of the crowd can be a challenge. Hermès has no problem tackling this by simply staying true to their own DNA and use an interesting mix of materials.

Hermès Is Launching Exclusive US Limited Edition Of The Arceau L’heure de la lune

The Arceau is one of Hermès' emblematic designs created by the brand's legendary artistic director Henri d'Origny in 1978. Its stirrup-based design always has a certain elegance to it, which is doesn't lose when the watch's diameter is increasing. This was, in particular, proven by the Arceau L'heure de la lune, a watch that Hermès launched at the SIHH in 2019. As it measures 43mm in diameter, is this quite a large watch by Hermès standards, yet its attraction is just the same.

The New Hermès Arceau Lift Tourbillon Répétition Minutes; A Very Rare Delight

While Hermès is already very exclusive, is the new Arceau Lift Tourbillon Répétition Minutes even rarer. The brand will only make two examples of this watch, one in pink gold and one in white gold. That is also the biggest disappointment of this watch, as it impresses on all other fronts.

Hermès Takes The Porcelain Dial To New Heights

For Hermès, the dial of their watches is often the perfect canvas to express their creativity and craftsmanship. This is also the case with the new Arceau Harnais français remix. The brand got inspired by one of their vintage scarfs, which was designed by Hugo Grygkar, who served as Hermès in-house designer between the 1940s and 1959. He based his design in turn on a painting which was part of the private collection of Émile Hermès, which showed a team of horses in colorful harnesses with feathers.

Four Novelties From Watches & Wonders We Are Over The Moon About

A moon phase display is among the oldest complications in watches. Despite the fact that their practical use is limited, do they remain very popular. With good reason, as a moon phase is adding some old school appeal to a watch as well as a touch of romance. At the first edition of Watches & Wonders Geneva, this complication was therefor also generously present, and we are especially over the moon of the following four watches

Hermès Launches Dark Delight With New Arceau Ronde des Heures

The moon is a source of inspiration for Hermès, which leads to innovative creations. Earlier this year, the brand launched the Arceau L'Heure De La Lune, which showed the moon phase in a way never seen before. With its rotating subdials for the time and date, it gave the moon phase indication the lead role, instead of a supportive part. No wonder that the Arceau L'Heure De La Lune was one of the winning watches at the GPHG this year.

Full Moon, And The Watches That Have A Unique Way Of Showing It

A full moon has captivated humankind since the beginning of time. It is an event that is surrounded by myth and folklore. Even in the watch world, is the moon phase one of the oldest, and highly regarded complications, which is best enjoyed on a night like today, when it is a full moon.

Introducing The New Galop d’Hermes

Hermes is known for its subtle and timeless designs. Interesting is that they are never truly classic creations, but always seem to possess a certain 'lightness' of which the passing of time doesn't seem to have any grip on. New models are therefor added sparingly, and a whole new collection is a rarity, yet with the new Galop d’Hermes, the brand is introducing an exciting new creation.

Four Ladies Watches That Don’t Need Diamonds To Be Elegant

Sometimes it seems almost mandatory; diamonds on a ladies watch. As if the use of these precious stones marks the difference for which sex a timepiece is created. While they can certainly add something, a watch without diamonds can be just as feminine, as these four watches prove!

The Sweet Surprises Of SIHH 2019

Not all years are equal, and that also goes for the SIHH. The 2019 edition proved to be an excellent one, with a lot of top-notch watches, very few disappointments and even a few sweet surprises. These extend beyond the new Bonbon-collection from Richard Mille, who set the pace with his unparalleled creativity, as also the following watches made a big impression as they were presented to us!

SIHH 2019 Day 2: To The Moon And Back

At any watch fair, there is always the risk that you start at a high and then it is all downwards from there. With the balanced additions to the Pilot-collection of IWC, the super sweet Richard Mille's and Jaeger-LeCoultre who showed once again their prowess when it comes to highly complicated watches with a fine finish, that danger is very real. However, this edition of SIHH that fear is misplaced as on the second day, things continued at a very high level.

Watch of the Week: Hermes Slim d’Hermes L’Heure Impatiente

At first glance, the Slim d'Hermes L'Heure Impatiente is your typical Hermes watch. Especially the font of the numerals and the shape of the lugs contribute to this unmistakable style. But on second glance: what are those indicators at the bottom of the dial, and why does it have not only an extra crown but also a pusher on the left side of the case? Because this Hermes comes with a very unique complication!