HUBLOT Shows Haute Time Its New 2013 Launches in Switzerland

Today I got into Geneva, Switzerland, and went to the Grand Hotel Kempinski to check out Hublot’s 2013 launches. They are technically not part of SIHH, but they are having an exhibition all week on the second floor. I was very impressed with the setup, along with the launch of new watches for 2013. I have heard a lot of news about the Zebra bang, so I was excited to be able to take a look at the pieces, along with anything new being launched this year.

Hublot Skeleton Tourbillon

They had a couple of really cool watches that were all pretty interesting. By far my favorite was the Skeleton Tourbillon, the Classic Fusion in all black. This is a beautiful piece, and for the price of under $100,000, I think this was a huge home run by Hublot. This watch looks worth a lot more, and is a truly remarkable piece.

Ferrari Big Bang Edition

Then they showed me the line-up for the Ferrari Big Bang Edition. They have in three models: Ferrari All Black, Ferrari Carbon, and Ferrari King Gold Carbon. The watches are live and ready to hit the stores, and the response has already been bigger then anticipated. I also was a huge fan of the straps, as they matched the leather of the Ferrari car, and gave it a very sporty feel.

Zebra Big Bang

The next big launch was the Zebra Bang. This is part of the Big Bang edition, and they also had three models: White Zebra Bang (White Gold), Black Zebra Bang (Black Plated), and Gold Zebra Bang (Red Gold). The straps are very cool, as they have a unique look, and these pieces are unisex, but I would assume they are mainly a ladies watch.

Classic Fusion in Gold

The next pieces by Hublot were the Classic Fusion, the Aero Chronograph. They had four models: Aero Chronograph Titanium in leather and titanium bracelet along with the Aero Chronograph King Gold in leather and gold bracelet. I am a huge fan of this look, as I think this is a truly beautiful chronograph, and a excellent look by Hublot.

Hublot was buzzing, as I was able to see Rachel Brand from the US, along with Hublot’s CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, and Hublot Beverly Hills Boutique Owners Greg Simonian with his father John. My favorite watch of the day by Hublot, hands down is the Skeleton Tourbillon. This is a gorgeous piece, and I was very impressed with the quality Hublot delivered in a great price of under $100,000.


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