Grand Seiko Launches ‘Grand Godzilla’ To Mark The 65th Birthday Of The King Of Monsters

Sixty-five years ago, history was written when Godzilla made its very first appearance on the big screen. As king of all monsters, it made an impression on audiences around the world that continues even today. For many has Godzilla become an intricate part of Japanese heritage, so all the more reason for Grand Seiko to create a special limited edition for its birthday.

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Seiko also has a very special relationship with Godzilla, as in its very first movie it destroys a landmark building in Ginza, Tokyo. Instantly recognizable by its famous clocktower, this building houses Wako, the retail establishment of Seiko, and has been owned by the company ever since it was constructed. One of the things we can truly appreciate in this unique Grand Seiko is that it is quite subtle in its approach. It does not scream its link with Godzilla but rather uses details to refer to this well-known monster.

Grand Seiko Godzilla
Grand Seiko links Godzilla’s sixty-fifth birthday to an anniversary of its own because it was twenty years ago that the brand introduced its revolutionary Spring Drive. To celebrate this occasion, they launched earlier this year a new design in the sport collection of Grand Seiko, recognizable by its very distinct case. This is now also the canvas for the Grand Seiko Godzilla. The dial has a deep red, almost burgundy color, whose texture represents the ‘heat ray beam’ with which Godzilla fights its enemies. A strap made from shark skin, in red and black tones, was chosen to represent the skin of Godzilla, and give the watch even more character.

Grand Seiko Godzilla
On the back of the watch, Grand Seiko stamped the legendary scene in which Godzilla destroys the Wako store clock tower in Ginza. This image was designed by Shinji Higuchi, who was responsible for the special effects of the 2016 movie ‘Shin Godzilla,’ which he also co-directed. Underneath this image, we get a glimpse of caliber 9R15. This automatic movement has thanks to the Spring Drive technology a precision of 0.5 seconds a day. During the two decades since its initial launch, has Spring Drive not only proved its place in high-end watchmaking but also captured the hearts of connoisseurs around the world. Grand Seiko will make 650 pieces of the ‘Grand Godzilla’ which will be available in November at the Grand Seiko Boutiques and selected retailers around the world.

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