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Living and breathing Haute Horlogerie for more than a decade, Martin Green's everyday life is infused with watches. A love for the history of watches is combined with an eclectic taste, while his studies at the Gemological Institute of America sparked a deeper understanding of diamond set watches. After writing for several international publications he joined Haute Time. Savoring the good life he divides his time between Europe and the US, always on the look out for the next story to write.

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Watch Fairs & Luxury Conglomerates; Which Strategy Will Pay Off?

SIHH Cartier

Last week the first major watch fair of the year took place, as LVMH organized the very first edition of their ‘Watch Week’ in Dubai. It is taking the position of the ‘Geneva Days,’ an event in which the watch brands of LVMH used to launch their first batch of novelties of the year and which took place in Geneva at the same time as the SIHH. As this event is now renamed ‘Watches & Wonders Geneva’ and takes place adjacent to Baselworld at the end of April. While the LVMH watch brand still participates in Baselworld, they have, for years, been following a strategy of launching the majority of their novelties in two batches throughout the year. The ‘Geneva Days’ and now ‘LVMH Watch Week’ allows them to get a head start on the rest, but also to receive feedback from retailers and press to fine-tune their second batch of offerings. READ MORE

Watch of the Week: Patek Philippe 5212A Calatrava Weekly Calendar

Watch of the Week: Patek Philippe 5212A Calatrava Weekly Calendar

The Patek Philippe 5212A Calatrava Weekly Calendar was one of the most surprising watches of last year, and for more reasons than one. It is always exciting when an esteemed and traditional brand like Patek Philippe goes into a new direction because you know it has to be good. They most certainly had no problem meeting these high expectations and did so with an entirely new watch. READ MORE

Four Vintage Rolex To Die For

Rolex 'James Bond' Submariner from 'Live and Let Die', Reference 5513, Stainless Steel, 1972 Front

Few things are as fiercely collected as vintage Rolex. The demand for these watches has been on the rise for quite some time now and has resulted in many record-breaking auction results. The appeal of a vintage Rolex cannot only be found in their high build quality, timeless design, and excellent pedigree, but also in the fact that many of their models have become benchmarks within the industry in their respective categories. That makes vintage Rolex in general, and the following four especially, to die for. READ MORE

Bulgari Expands Octo Finissimo Collection And Launches New Tourbillon

Bulgari Expands Octo Finissimo Collection And Launches New Tourbillon

Bulgari uses its presence at the LVMH Watch Week, which is held at the Bulgari resort in Dubai, to expand the highly successful Octo Finissimo collection further. Some interesting new varieties will now be available, making this watch more appealing than ever. While titanium is what people often think of with this ultra-slim watch, is it also stunning in traditional stainless steel. Bulgari already introduced this option in 2018, but now makes it available with an attractive black dial. This gives the watch a more traditional sports-watch look, which suits the Octo Finissimo perfectly. The stainless steel features a nice alternation between polished and satin-finished surfaces, which cleverly highlight the unique design of this watch. READ MORE

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