Zenith Moving Forward With Strong Line-Up

Zenith Moving Forward With Strong Line-Up

Martin Green
By Martin Green January 15, 2020

For Zenith, the LVMH Watch Week is all about reestablishing themselves firmly into the market for ladies’ watches with the Defy Midnight. However, that is not all the news that they presented to us in Dubai, as many others, and equally exciting watches where shown.

ZENITH_Defy 21 Land Rover Edition

With the Defy 21 Land Rover Edition is Zenith not launching just another watch in partnership with this iconic British brand, but also pays tribute to their legendary Defender. It does so with a very utilitarian look as the case is made from a matte grey ceramic, and the dial is very legible. The strap looks like it is made from an all-terrain tire and matches the color of the case. While it may be understated in its appearance, it has a significant wow-factor when on the wrist.

ZENITH_Defy 21 Carl Cox dark
The same can be said of the Defy 21 that Zenith developed with Carl Cox. This DJ and producer is a living legend in the world of ‘techno,’ and his watch also lives up to this reputation. The running seconds disc is shaped like a record, but the coolest part is the case and the strap. Zenith found a way to infuse the carbon fiber with a substance that makes it glow in the dark and gave the same treatment to the stitching of the strap. This results in a spectacular light show at night.

A blast from the past is the new El Primero A384 Revival, which Zenith made like its 1969 predecessor. It is almost scary how close to the original they have come, allowing you to get that vintage vibe with a modern watch. They even went as far as to remake the Gay Freres ladder bracelet, which gives the watch even more character. Back in the day, Gay Freres was one of the most renowned bracelet makers in the Swiss watch industry but was later on bought by Rolex. The recreation of this bracelet by Zenith is the cherry on top for this very cool watch.

ZENITH_Pilot Type 20 Rescue

We also get to welcome two new Pilot Type 20 watches, both with a new stainless steel case. This is another one of Zenith’s designs that continues to prove its staying power, as this model is still just as attractive as when it was first introduced. What you can’t see in the pictures, but is also a great novelty for this model, is that the straps are now easily interchangable, allowing you to match, for example, the look of your Pilot Type 20 watch to your outfit.