What Watch Brands To Follow On Instagram

What Watch Brands To Follow On Instagram

Martin Green
By Martin Green August 16, 2018

Instagram: for many of us it has become an ever-renewing visual database to the people, brands, and products we love. Many watch brands have also realized that it is the perfect platform to highlight what makes their products so special, as well as keeping their fans up to date with the most recent developments and events. Next time you are on Instagram, make sure that you check out the following brands!

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A. Lange & Söhne
On their Instagram account,  A. Lange & Söhne loves to highlight the details that make their brand so special. They not only do this with great visuals but also provide the background information so that you get a deeper understanding of the technology and the craftsmanship behind it. Because of this, it also helps to expand your knowledge about watchmaking in a very fun and easy way.

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Hublot offers a full emerging into their universe through their Instagram account. They not only highlight their latest models but also allow you to have a front row seat at many of their events through Instagram stories.  This combination and their regular updates have made it one of the most successful Instagram account among watch brands with a staggering 3.1 million(!) followers!

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Patek Philippe
Recently Patek Philippe has also joined Instagram and did so in their own special way! On the 18th of each month, they upload a new story that highlights not only the rich history of the brand but also some of their incredible new models. This is also best appreciated when you visit their page on Instagram because then the visual impact of their unique approach becomes truly evident.

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On their Instagram page, Zenith likes to highlight not only their exceptional watches but also their events worldwide. This provides you with a pleasant stream of content that is always new and refreshing. Zenith also uses their Instagram stories to focus on different models, or on their exceptional collaboration with Swizz Beatz.

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Haute Time
And while you are at it, also make sure that you follow our own Instagram feed, where we bring you the latest watch related news, as well as the most stunning vintage pieces, and the celebrities wearing them. Posting several times on a daily basis, it will not only be fun to follow but also provide you with all the information you need about the world of watches and more!