Watches of Switzerland To Launch Terrific T-Rex Clock By MB&F, L’Epée, And Massena LAB

Watches of Switzerland To Launch Terrific T-Rex Clock By MB&F, L’Epée, And Massena LAB

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote July 30, 2020

Few eras in history are as captivating as the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Especially the T-Rex has always made a profound impression on people and among them designer Maximilian Maertens. He transformed an idea of Maximilian Büsser, who put a Christmas trinket on top of chicken legs, into the T-Rex clock. For this, he took inspiration from Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster ‘Jurassic Park.’ This clock became a reality through a collaboration with the Swiss clock manufacture L’Epée, making it the 11th time that the two companies worked together. The first T-Rex clock was a piece unique, which was auctioned off at the 2019 edition of ‘Only Watch,’ the world’s most high-profile charity watch auction. After this it became also available in three different colored versions limited to 100 pieces each.

T-Rex Bronze
Now the saga continues as MB&F and L’Epée are joined by a veteran of the watch industry, William Massena, and his company Massena LAB. Where the original T-Rex clock was rather modern looking, with its legs and structure made mainly out of stainless steel, bronze will take this place in this new version. It gives the clock a more menacing look, especially in combination with the translucent green dial, which is hand-blown Murano glass. The bronze of the body has been treated by hand to oxidize it and give it a patina that will be unique for each clock. After this, the bronze is stabilized so that it will maintain its current appearance.

MB&F T-Rex

William Massena of Massena LAB says about this; I pitched the idea of doing the T-Rex in bronze with the green eye, inspired by Jurassic Park, to Max (Büsser, founder of MB&F) . In partnership with MB&F, Massena LAB made unique specifications to the original design which was then turned over to L’Epee to manufacturer. I was a part of each step of the manufacturing process with the team at L’Epee to ensure our vision was perfectly brought to life. We are thrilled to partner with Watches of Switzerland to introduce of collaboration to the watch world.

David Hurley, Executive Vice President of Watches of Switzerland agrees with this, and underscores how this unique collaboration resulted in a one of a kind clock; What is most unique here is that you have three highly specialized players coming together to take what is already a very specialized, niche product and making it even more unique with a specific aesthetic treatment and the use of stabilized bronze. It makes for a timepiece that is representative of this ‘moment-in-time meeting of minds’ and the output is a true collector’s item.

T-Rex Bronze
The clock is powered by a movement made by L’Epée. It consists of 138 parts, including a balance wheel placed on top. Winding and setting is conducted by a special key and gives the clock a power reserve of 8 days. The T-Rex Bronze is limited to just 15 pieces and available at Watches of Switzerland. As David Hurley, Executive Vice President of Watches of Switzerland puts it;

As the industry leader in the retailing of fine watches, Watches of Switzerland feels that it is not only crucial, but our duty to support independent watchmaking. These brands drive creativity and innovation to new heights in our industry and make for a healthy well-balanced watch community. We have seen tremendous response from our clients when we partner with independent watchmakers and we now act not only as an incubator to small brands but also a source of education on independent brands for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

With that Watches of Switzerland is once again confirming its reputation as a proud supporter of independent watchmaking and home to all (horological) things extraordinary.