Watches Of Switzerland Announces Acquisition Of Analog Shift, Offering Vintage + Pre-Owned Timepieces

Watches Of Switzerland Announces Acquisition Of Analog Shift, Offering Vintage + Pre-Owned Timepieces

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote September 25, 2020

ROLEX_GMTMASTER_16700_AS03774-8Photo Credit: Watches of Switzerland

Luxury watch retail giant Watches of Switzerland offers its customers the very best luxury watch connoisseurs can look for, with an assortment of offerings from top brands including Rolex, TAG Heuer, Omega, Hublot, Breitling, Cartier, IWC, Patek Philippe, amongst many others. The brand has a strong presence throughout the UK and U.S., boasting 135 core stores and 22 dedicated mono-brand stores. Now, Watches of Switzerland is enhancing its already-impressive offerings to deliver customers something more—vintage and pre-owned collectible timepieces—as they announce the acquisition of Analog Shift Watches.

This partnership is the result of a relationship that began more than two years ago with Watches of Switzerland’s Soho flagship boutique and the premier, pre-owned timepiece brand. Watches of Switzerland realized that pre-owned and vintage offerings were an essential component of a well-rounded assortment of covetable timepieces to offer their discerning clientele. At the time, they tapped Analog Shift to provide an expertly-curated selection. Now, they’ve taken it a step further to expand the relationship.

AUDEMARS_PIGUET_ROYAL_OAK_MIDSIZE_14486BA_AS03703-7Photo Credit: Watches of Switzerland

“As we began our entry into the US market back in 2018, we saw the pre-owned and vintage segment as a significant area of opportunity and Analog Shift as the ideal partner to help us realize that,” said Brian Duffy, CEO of Watches of Switzerland Group. He adds, “Our relationship has had a very natural progression. It’s two liked-minded brands working together in a space that is poised for exceptional growth. Having them as the official pre-owned and vintage resource for The Watches of Switzerland Group offers a multitude of possibilities and will bring tremendous value to our clients.”

Now, Watches of Switzerland + Analog Shift will offer its customers the best that the vintage and the pre-owned market has to offer, including standouts like a 1970 Patek Phillipe Golden Ellipse, a neo-vintage; and classics such as Rolex GMT-Master, originally sold by Watches of Switzerland in 1994. This will allow clients to enhance their watch collections with timeless pieces of history that represent the iconic brands. 

ABERCROMBIE&FITCH_ALARM_AS03726-6Photo Credit: Watches of Switzerland

Following its launch, 75 vintage and pre-owned timepieces are immediately available on For more information, please head to the website to see all available offerings or follow @Watchesofswitzerland_Official to stay up-to-date on all current offerings and news.