The Tradition 7035 Is Breguets Latest Diamond Delight

The Tradition 7035 Is Breguets Latest Diamond Delight

Martin Green
By Martin Green September 6, 2021

Diamonds can add something to a watch, but how much depends significantly on their setting. They can merely serve as a precious element, or they can elevate the entire timepiece to a higher level altogether. An excellent example of the latter is Breguet’s latest addition to their collection, the Tradition 7035. Here the diamonds are quite literally integrated into the design of the watch, creating a sparkling symbiosis of precious stones with mechanical excellence.


To create this, Breguet took an unexpected route. A key element of the watches in the Tradition collection, in which the 7035 is no exception, is that the majority of the movement is visible on the dial side. This gives these watches a rather technical look, highlighting the craftsmanship of Breguet. For the 7035, Breguet made the bold move to set the majority of these parts with brilliant-cut diamonds. A total of 190 are used and placed in what is called a snow-setting. This means that the diamonds vary in size and are set seemingly at random. As a result, it created the effect of freshly fallen snow, further enhancing the appeal of this watch.


At twelve o’clock, the 7035 is fitted with a small dial. The center of it is also set with brilliant-cut diamonds, while the chapter ring with the hours printed on them is made from white mother-of-pearl. A dash of color can be a powerful addition, and Breguet knows this like no other. The power reserve is indicated by a hand at ten o’clock, which points at a scale made out of two rubies and seven pink sapphires, each one larger and a shade darker than the next. This results in a very organic-looking power reserve indicator, with its colors matching nicely with the rubies further used in the movement. This is all captured in a 37mm large case made from pink gold, which bezel is also set with 68 brilliant-cut diamonds. The crown features a ruby cabochon, matching not only the power reserve indicator but also the stunning red alligator strap, which serves as the finishing touch of Breguet‘s latest diamond delight.