The Extraordinairy Tourbillons Of Louis Vuitton

The Extraordinairy Tourbillons Of Louis Vuitton

Martin Green
By Martin Green November 29, 2021

In the world of Louis Vuitton, watches hold a special place. The brand is known for its innovative designs, rooted in its rich heritage. Their creativity seems to have no bounds, but it is not with great looks alone on which they have built their success. What powers their watches is equally essential, and Louis Vuitton has a profound preference for complicated movements, especially the tourbillon, as the following three watches prove.

Tambour Moon Tourbillon Volant
Housed in a 42mm large, pink gold case, represents this Tambour Moon Tourbillon Volant, the essence of the Tambour collection. Its design is rich yet restrained, obtaining its appeal from refined details. Its legibility is superb, thanks to bold Arabic numerals and skeletonized hands. The flying tourbillon is crowned with the V of Vuitton, cleverly tapping into the brand’s rich history and simultaneously serving as the seconds hand. It forms the regulating organ of Caliber LV 81. This automatic movement is made at Louis Vuitton‘s Fabrique du Temps, their manufacture located on the outskirts of Geneva.

Tambour Slim Tourbillon Auto Black - Q1EBMY - FACE
Tambour Slim Tourbillon Black
For those who prefer a more outgoing design, Louis Vuitton offers a version of the Tambour Slim Tourbillon that is all about diamonds, as it showcases no less than 731 of them. The 38mm case in white gold features lugs, bezel, and a crown set with brilliant-cut diamonds. They set the stage for the dial, in which the center is crafted from white mother-of-pearl. That, and the flying tourbillon, are surrounded by baguette-cut diamonds that form a border with the black diamonds. Those are also brilliant-cut and placed in a so-called snow-setting. While this name may be appropriate when colorless diamonds are used, black diamonds resemble more the precious skin of a stingray. They also form the perfect contrast with the baguette-cut hour markers.  In this creative way, Louis Vuitton achieves synergy among these precious gemstones by playing with colors, shapes, and setting styles.

Voyager Répétition Minute PG-Q7EH2Y
Voyager Repetition Minutes Tourbillon Volant
A true mechanical treat is the Voyager Repetition Minutes Tourbillon Volant. The streamlined case has been given a transparent dial under which many of the parts supporting the minute repeater are visible. This complication is activated by a pusher located at seven o’clock. Despite the visual treat that the minute repeater offers, there is more eye candy to have. The movement is also equipped with a flying tourbillon with the signature V for Vuitton on its cage. The combination of these two complications, along with their refined execution, makes this Louis Vuitton a rare treat, as well as a calling card for the brand’s quest for excellence.