Bovet Shows The Sportive Side Of Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two With Latest Creation

With the launch of the second chapter of the breathtaking Virtuoso VIII, Bovet gave us a watch in the brand's signature style. Its precious metal case housed an exquisite movement complemented by two aventurine glass dials. It perfectly displayed the unique elegance and technical prowess that the brand has to offer. But Bovet also has another side, one that embodies a sense of highly exclusive sportiveness, and that is at the heart of the new Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Reimagined.

By Adrienne Faurote

It’s Not All About The Dial Side: 4 Incredible Movements

With most watches, there is only one way to wear them on your wrist: dial side up. While this is a true pleasure, it also means that the heart of the watch, its movement, it hidden. For decades the privilege of seeing the movement and being able to admire all its details and craftsmanship was that of the watchmakers making and servicing these watches. Today, especially in the higher echelons of watchmaking, a display back is almost standard and allows us to behold the true magic behind mechanical watches; movements with technical ingenuity and a perfect finish on even the smallest part, turning these practical objects into the realm of wearable art.