Lady Love: The Women’s Watches That Made An Impact This Year

It is great to see that women's watches are becoming more and more the focus of many watch brands. Serious efforts are made to create the most marvelous timepieces, catering to women's trends, styles, and interests. Complex movements are more the rule than an exception, making them also far more interesting from a horological perspective. While diamonds are optional, many still feature them, even on sports watches, as they provide a dash of glamour to daily life.

By Adrienne Faurote

Four Favorites For Mothers’ Day

The day when we celebrate and pay tribute to the most important woman in our lives, the one that introduced us to the world, is around the corner. While many gifts come to mind, few are as appropriate as a watch, as this is a perfect reminder of all the special times we have shared, and are about to share, with here. Here are four of our personal favorites:

The Hottest Ladies Watches Of Watches & Wonders 2021

Watches & Wonders was a great success, even though it was with the exception of the event in Shanghai, a virtual event. The watch brands quickly adapted to the new reality and dazzled from abroad through the digital channels. What, fortunately, didn't change was the vast amount of amazing watches that they introduced. For men, but also for ladies, there are plenty of new models to choose from. A current trend for women's watches is that mechanical movements are the new standard, of course, accompanied by a generous dash of elegance.

Hublot Debuts Many Colorful Creations At LVMH Watch Week 2021

Pandemic or not, Hublot never sits still and never stops. This becomes all the more clear at the beginning of the LVMH Watch Week 2021, where Hublot debuts a wide range of new watches. One thing that most of them have in common is that they are bringing new colors to the collection, of which some were previously deemed technically impossible.

How Hublot Pays Tribute To One Of The Rarest And Most Expensive Gemstones In The World

Diamonds are often thought to be the rarest and expensive gemstones in the world, but this is not the case. While they are most certainly precious, there are gemstones found in much lower quantities, like the Paraíba tourmaline. This gemstone was discovered for the first time in 1989 in the Brazilian state of Paraíba, hence its name. Later on, there were also deposits found in Nigeria and Mozambique. To put their rarity into perspective, a single Paraíba tourmaline is mined for every 10,000 diamonds.

Hublot Makes Marc Ferrero’s Iconic ‘Lipstick’ In Black And White

That Hublot loves art is something that has already been established. The brand has teamed up with some of the most well-known and celebrated artists from around the world to bring their unique style into the port-hole design that made Hublot such an icon. Next to Richard Orlinski and Romero Britto is also Marc Ferrero among them. The French artist teamed up with Hublot for the second time, creating two watches around what is arguably his most well-known work, 'Lipstick.'

Haute Time’s Hottest Ladies Watches Of 2019

The time that ladies watches where smaller men's watches with diamonds added is long gone. Today they often unite several different crafts into a single creation, being a driving force of the Métier d'arts and quite frequently powered by sophisticated, mechanical movements. In some form follows function, yet always with an elegant touch, while others do it the other way around. This makes the world of women's watches so incredibly diverse, as perhaps even more with men's watches are the only boundaries the imagination and capabilities of the maker. That this result in exceptional watches was also proven this year with these stunning creations;

Ladies Night! Four Perfect Watches To Party With

Work hard, play hard: this is the mantra many successful women live by. They give it their all every single day and achieved great success no matter their chosen profession. But to accomplish all this, you must sometimes also be able to let it all go, because that not only works energizing but also inspires creativity. These are four watches perfect to do that with!