Haute Time’s Hottest Ladies Watches Of 2019

Haute Time’s Hottest Ladies Watches Of 2019

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote December 30, 2019

The time that ladies watches where smaller men’s watches with diamonds added is long gone. Today they often unite several different crafts into a single creation, being a driving force of the Métier d’arts and quite frequently powered by sophisticated, mechanical movements. In some form follows function, yet always with an elegant touch, while others do it the other way around. This makes the world of women’s watches so incredibly diverse, as perhaps even more so than with men’s watches, are the only boundaries the imagination and capabilities of the maker. That this result in exceptional watches was also proven this year with these stunning creations;


Hublot Big Bang One Click Rainbow King Gold
Watches with a rainbow setting have become a bit of a niche trend in the last couple of years. This has resulted in many exciting watches, but few as imposing as the Big Bang One Click Rainbow King Gold from Hublot. Four hundred seventy-three colored gemstones are needed to create it. Selected especially for their vivid colors, Hublot uses rubies, blue topazes, amethysts, tsavorites, and yellow, pink, blue, and orange sapphires to make a watch that redefines the rainbow. While the dial and case feature these gemstones in a brilliant cut, the bezel is set in a seamless trapeze cut, which beautifully enhances the color spectrum. The finishing touch is the rubber-lined alligator strap, which is multicolored, extending the rainbow-theme around the entire wrist.

Graff yellow diamonds

Graff Oval Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Watch
Graff shows us the refinement of classic elegance as well as the power of yellow diamonds with the Oval Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Watch. The brand uses a total of 32.36 carats of Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds, which is one of the rarest colors to find. It takes, therefore, a tremendous amount of time to gather enough diamonds of the right color, size, and clarity to create this exceptional watch. Brilliant cut diamonds, in a very tight-knit setting, cover the case of the watch, while even larger diamonds are used to craft the bracelet from. By opting for yellow gold to make the case of the watch and the frame of the bracelet, it enhances even further that unique, vivid yellow color that makes this watch unlike anything else.

MB&F Flying T

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT
The page was turned to a new chapter when MB&F introduced the Legacy Machine FlyingT, its first ladies watch. The Midas-touch of the brand’s founder Maximilian Büsser most certainly hasn’t lost any of its power because this creation was not only very well received but also took home the prize for best Ladies Complication Watch in this years GPHG. It is available in three different versions that all feature a stunning vertical movement that is topped off by a central 60-seconds flying tourbillon. The small dial, on which you can read the time, is placed at an angle, almost like it sits against the vertical movement.

Richard Mille Bonbon

Richard Mille Bonbon Collection
Earlier this year did Richard Mille give us the most delicious treat we could have possibly imagined; his Bonbon collection. Here the high tech creations of the brand were decorated with fruit, pastries, and candy. What sounds like a gimmicky idea turns out to be precisely the opposite thanks to the high-end and flawless execution of the designs. The 3.000 miniature candy, fruit, and pastries throughout the collection were all painted and lacquered by hand. Mille took the RM 07-03, RM 16-01, and RM 37-01 as the basis to create ten different models. He even introduced a new color of Quartz TPT case, in turquoise, especially for this collection. Feeling like a kid in a candy store, it is nearly impossible to pick a favorite, so therefore we don’t, and love them all.