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Haute Time Watch of the Day: WX-1 Luxury Watch Concept from Dewitt

Haute Time Watch of the Day: WX-1 Luxury Watch Concept from Dewitt

Haute Time Watch of the Day today is from Dewitt, and called WX-1 Luxury Watch Concept from Dewitt.  The amazing piece was launched in 2008 at Basel World, and then later auctioned at the Only Watch Auction sold for over $400,000 Euros.  We had to feature this watch, even though it is almost five years old, as we still think this piece is cool, and personally wanted to share for our readers.  The watch is so unique and cool, that we decided to feature it today.  The watch has a expanding riveting case, flying tourbillion, five barrels, and a powder reserve READ MORE

Nadal’s Lost Richard Mille Recovered

The Richard Mille 027 tourbillon that disappeared from Rafael Nadal’s five-star luxury hotel room in Paris was found yesterday, and Police say it was stolen by the hotel’s barman. Police say the alleged theif used his hotel access badge, which they were able to track, to get into Nadal’s suite as the tennis champion slept. The barman hid the $376,000 watch in the train tracks near his home in Essonne, France. Nadal lost the watch last Tuesday, a day after winning his seventh French Open title. It was lent to him by Richard Mille. Source: Forbes | Photo credit: FameFlynet Pictures READ MORE

Rafael Nadal Sports RM 027 for French Open

The considerable fortune spent on luxury watches implies an immaculate care so this piece of horology never endures even the slightest bump or scratch. But then we see tennis champion Rafael Nadal swinging a racket with a Richard Mille 027 secured on his right arm. How does he dare do it? You thought right; the Spanish athlete was sponsored to wear the watch while battling it out on the French Open. The RM 027 weighs only 20 grams, relatively light so as not to disturb Nadal in his craft. The timepiece, with a limited edition of 50 pieces, is composed READ MORE

Girard-Perregaux Cat’s Eye: Beauty Meets Technology

How bejeweled can a woman’s wrist be? Girard-Perregaux not only answers this, but exemplifies it through the Cat’s Eye, haute jewelry for the illustrious lady who looks at time beyond a golden opportunity. Time is not gold, it’s diamond. The dial is dotted with 102 emerald-cut diamonds, roughly 6.6 carats, in a “Clous de Paris” hobnail motif. All the more regal with the fact that the diamond cutter must incise and calibrate each stone painstakingly to deliver the most accurate positioning of the stones. The flower image not being symmetrical and the stones not identical in shape make the craftsmanship READ MORE

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Rendez-Vouz Collection Honors Diane Kruger

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Rendez-Vouz Collection Honors Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger adds an elegant touch to the art of horology as Jaeger-LeCoultre fashions the Rendez-Vouz collection after the famed model and actress. This exquisite set provides sophisticated choices for every glamorous occasion and every celebratory moment. Certainly, this is a complement for women, matched with superb automatic caliber mechanical movement, a brand asset. This new feature comes in two versions, 29 mm diameter and 34 mm diameter and in pink gold or steel. A bedazzling look at the timepieces reveals a guilloche pattern, embellished with diamonds. The soft blending of the case and dial clearly demonstrates that the Rendez-Vouz READ MORE

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