HUBLOT Loves Summer With The New Classic Fusion Mykonos And Ibiza

HUBLOT Loves Summer With The New Classic Fusion Mykonos And Ibiza

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote July 28, 2019

Summer is here and HUBLOT, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, has unveiled their Eighth Edition Classic Fusion Chronograph Mykonos in an elegant Greek style. Scheduled for a special and specific introduction this summer, 2019, this luxury watch is fit for male and female buyers alike. HUBLOT and its local partner, GOFAS Jewelry, are dedicating this one-of-a-kind watch to the Greek islands after being inspired by the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades Archipelago destinations ideal for a summer getaway. For the past seven years, Visionary Chairman, Jean-Claude Biver, and CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe, have preserved the traditional a room down for nd cutting-edge fusion of expertise in each HUBLOT product, officially continuing with the success of their most recent luxury watch.

John Gofas and Ricardo Guadalupe with new MykonosPhoto Credit: HUBLOT

Since founded in 1980, HUBLOT has made a name for itself with impressive innovation, beginning with the original idea of combining rubber and gold. Each watch is made with efficient and beautiful materials, like scratch-resistant Magic Gold, ceramics in vibrant colors, and sapphire. The intelligent use of these parts paired with the creation of Manufacture movements, like Unico, Meca-10, and Tourbillon, are what emphasize the iconic symbol of Mykonos featured on the face of each watch, a unique rotating windmill. A skeleton self-winding chronograph movementframed by sky blue ceramic bezel in a one-inch case is held on by a stylish strap made of black rubber and sky Blue alligator leather. Reminding the public of the company’s regal designs, a sapphire displays the engraved word, HUBLOT.

Photo Credit: HUBLOT


As if this gorgeous event were not enough of a spectacle in itself, HUBLOT conquered another Mediterranean jewel similar to Mykonos. Ricardo Guadalupe, standing next to Noemi de Miguel, a TV host for Formula 1, took an opportunity to unveil the Classic Fusion Chronograph Ibiza as well during the event at the Marina. It is another luxury watch in blue ceramic that draws its creative inspiration from this archipelago of Spain. Found only in the temporary pop-up boutique in Ibiza, this watch gives spectators even more reason to celebrate summer. The Ibiza serves as a horological dedication to the enchantment of the white island and its bohemian nonchalance. This elegant piece is also crowned with a blue ceramic bezel and enclosed in a one-inch case held on by a different strap made of blue rubber and white alligator leather this time.

07_20_19_Gregory Gofas_Ricardo Guadalupe_John Gofas_Mykonos_001 (1)

Photo Credit: HUBLOT

Instead of a windmill displaying the exposed chronograph movement special to the HUBLOT name, a Peace and Love symbol is featured behind the secondhand. Symbolism different to Mykonos, this beautiful display on the face of the Classic Fusion Ibiza mimics the hippie charm and festive nature of this immaculate island. Mr. Guadalupe had beautiful words to say helping everyone picture yet another majestic creation of his and stated “Modern and authentic, traditional and cosmopolitan, bohemian and chic; Ibiza is alluring and overflowing with dualities. These dichotomies inspired us to make a chronograph that is at once very simple and very refined, thanks to its rubber and alligator strap. A way of celebrating the summer, which is synonymous with fun and freedom.”

Beautiful New IbizaPhoto Credit: HUBLOT

Consistent year after year with the mantra “Be First, Different and Unique,” the Swiss watchmaker shows its trademark design where the mechanical microcosm is not hidden but fully revealed in this impressive Greek colored collection. Available solely in Mykonos, this limited collection of only 50 pieces crafted by HUBLOT symbolizes the land and sea with the use of either polished king gold or titanium.

In addition to creating these timeless timepieces, HUBLOT is fully committed to creating a Haute Horlogerie brand with a visionary future fusing with the key events of today with the finest and most relevant ambassadors of our era, like Martin Fuentes, winning racecar driver for Ferrari.

Martin Fuentes Wearing MykonosPhoto Credit: HUBLOT

Feel like taking a summer vacation to one of HUBLOT’s boutiques? You can find one in some of the world’s greatest cities, Geneva, Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, Tokyo, and Singapore. Or do you want to know where to find one of their beautifully unique luxury watches significant enough to be a perfect accessory? Learn more at