Supercar Genesis with the Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione

Supercar Genesis with the Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione

Seth Semilof
By Seth Semilof March 16, 2015


There’s unusual.  There’s rare.  And then there’s David SK Lee’s Ferrari collection, which is chock-full of the absolute mythical.  David is the owner of the successful Hing Wa Lee Jewelers (named after its founder, David’s father) — one of the largest retailers of timepieces, jewelry and accessories in the country —but his passions don’t stop with cars and watches – not even close.  His carefully curated collections include fine wines, amazing watches, rare Ducati motorcycles and unusual guitars.  He’s even created his own sushi restaurant.


David is the kind of guy who knows what he likes and then doubles-down (or duodecads down, in this case) as his amazing scuderia di cavalli includes close to a dozen of the rarest vintage and current Ferraris around (not counting his LaFerrari, which hasn’t yet arrived) but the subject of this article is the 1987 288 GTO Evoluzione, one of only five such cars ever produced; not to mention, one of two in the world with the factory-supplied über-oomph 650HP motor as well as one of the only such cars that has seen actual track time in recent years.  Clearly, David is a man with expensive tastes – the Evo alone is worth north of $4 million.


As one can tell just by the excruciating attention to detail in presenting the Evo as a rolling work of highly-burnished art, David’s guiding principle seems to be “Anything worth doing is worth doing extraordinarily well.”  As a car guy, of course, I am most impressed by the Ferraris and, even more so, by the way that David drives one every day.  On behalf of the rest of the world, especially those of us who get to see him drive by, thank you for sharing the bounty.