London Dispatch: Harrods Celebrates Rich Panerai History

London Dispatch: Harrods Celebrates Rich Panerai History

Seth Semilof
By Seth Semilof September 2, 2014

Harrods are hosting a Vintage Panerai exhibition this September, which offers collectors the unique chance to view historic timepieces and instruments usually not accessible to the public.

Panerai Vintage Collection Pop-up at Harrods
Panerai Vintage Collection Pop-up at Harrods

The collection features models created in the 1930’s to the 1990’s, including a spectacular and rare Panerai GPF 2/56 called “L’Egiziano” because it was made specifically for the Egyptian Navy, this Radiomir-dialled watch contains the Angelus 8 Days movement.

Vintage Panerai GPF 2/56 watch called “L'Egiziano"
Panerai GPF 2/56 “L’Egiziano” (left)

The watch measures 60mm and, except for the movement, was made by Panerai circa 1958. This is one of three produced for the High Command of Egyptian Navy, with eight gold points in the massive bezel.

 Vintage Panerai 3646 “California dial" from 1941
Panerai 3646 “California dial”

A rare Panerai 3646 “California dial,” dating from circa 1941 is also on display. This timepiece measures 47mm in diameter and houses the Rolex 618 calibre with 17 jewels. It was used by the Italian Navy in WWII. Estimated value is £140,000.

Vintage Panerai 3646 “California dial" 1941
Panerai 3646 “California dial” on the wrist.

Harrods are also featuring historical diving instruments from Panerai, including an underwater wrist compass and a depth gauge:

Harrods has exclusivity during September of the PAM 560, celebrating the launch of the new Luminor Marina 8 day novelties along with the PAM 561, 562, 563 and 564, which house the P.5000 calibre – hand wound and has a power reserve of eight days.

New  PAM 560 watch
Panerai PAM 560

I particularly like the PAM 560’s beautiful classic design with the luminous Arabic numbers on a black face and polished stainless steel case, the plus is the sapphire crystal back. With the price of £5,000, this piece is great value for money.

 New PAM 560 watch wristshot
Panerai PAM 560, on the wrist.

The PAM 446 is a very special pocket watch with a Tourbillon GMT in a Radiomir case 59 mm in diameter ceramic case with open work detailing.

New Panerai PAM 446 pocket watch
Panerai PAM 446 pocket watch

This is truly for someone who appreciates horology. The PAM 446 is priced at £140,300.

New Panerai PAM 446 pocket watch
Panerai PAM 446

Photo Credit: Marion Perret for Haute Time. For more, please Officine Panerai