Jaquet Droz Welcomes The Grande Seconde Quantième In 41mm

Jaquet Droz Welcomes The Grande Seconde Quantième In 41mm

Martin Green
By Martin Green May 11, 2020

The Grande Seconde has always been an essential model in the collection of Jaquet Droz because it represents, in many ways, the essence of the brand. With its clean design and oversized sub-dial for the seconds, is it a watch that is instantly recognizable. The Grande Seconde Quantième added to that a date indicator, which Jaquet Droz incorporated in the design in such a way that it adds even more charisma. A tempting watch was the result, but with a diameter of 43mm, also a watch that is rather generous in size.


This changes now as Jaquet Droz welcomes a 41mm version of the Grande Seconde Quantième. To achieve this, the brand went beyond merely making the diameter smaller, but instead completely redesigned the watch. Its greatest achievement in this is that it doesn’t show this. The 41mm version looks just as well proportioned as its larger sibling, and this was accomplished by making the watch thinner.


Jaquet Droz is introducing no less than seven new versions in the new 41mm size, with either a stainless steel or a rose gold case. These gold cases are reserved for the Grand Feu enamel dials, which are offered in four different colors. Choosing between the deep blue, rich burgundy, luscious ivory, or understated anthracite might be challenging, as each of these dials has an appeal of its own. To make matters even more complicated are also the stainless steel models very tempting. They might lack a precious metal case or a Grand Feu enamel dial, but they do show a different side of the Grande Seconde Quantième, and that is the one of being a sportive creation as well. Especially the version with a sandblasted titanium grey dial with vivid blue details is very expressive. Thanks to the smaller diameter is the wearability increased, in particular for people with a smaller wrist. The 41mm version of the Grande Seconde Quantième comes with the same movement as the 43mm. It features a generous power reserve of 68-hours, as well as a balance spring in silicon, to make it less susceptible to shocks, magnetic fields, and temperature changes.