Hublot And Ferrari Celebrate Finali Mondiali

Hublot And Ferrari Celebrate Finali Mondiali

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote October 31, 2017

Ricardo Guadalupe and the Safety Car

Swiss horologer Hublot joined Ferrari to celebrate the iconic carmaker’s 70th anniversary at this year’s Finali Mondiali.

An annual weekend-long fete to close the Grand Touring racing season, Finali Mondiali transpired at the end of October in the Mugello circuit near Florence, Italy, where Hublot’s colors flew high. The watchmaker’s bold logo also marked the safety car, which took part in most of the celebratory races during the event.

With an extensive, deep bond in the world of car racing, Hublot saw two friends of the brand, drivers Martin Fuentes and Christophe Hurni, propel their 488 Challenge vehicles in the Ferrari Challenge competitions. During the season, Fuentes raced in the North America Trofeo Pirelli series, while Hurni competed in the Ferrari Challenge Coppa Shell Europe.


Alongside the busy circuit, above the paddocks, Hublot welcomed friends and clients in its pop-up store, where the new Hublot Techframe Ferrari Torubillon Chronograph rested. Having deputed in March at Baselworld, the watch is a 70-piece collector edition to commemorate Ferrari’s 70th anniversary.

“The atmosphere at the Ferrari Finali Mondiali is electric,” said Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe in a press statement. “The excitement of the brand’s fans is tangible, and the drivers are full of the end-of-season spirit. And the festivities have been all the more animated this anniversary year! We’ve been delighted to share in the celebrations, with our Hublot Techframe watch and our various on-site activities.”