Haute Time Presents Pierre Jacques, CEO of De Bethune Timepieces at Basel World

Haute Time Presents Pierre Jacques, CEO of De Bethune Timepieces at Basel World

Seth Semilof
By Seth Semilof November 29, 2012

At Basel World 2012, Haute Time had the opportunity to sit down Pierre Jacques, CEO of De Bethune timepieces.

The De Bethune factory was started 10 years ago with the idea of making amazing watches, regardless of cost in terms of time or finishing. They simple set out to make the best watches they could.

Pierre Jacques showcased four special watches for us, the first being the DB 25 which was introduced three years ago.It has become the true iconic piece of De Bethune. The gold dial is beautiful and classic and includes a 3D moon phase. The movement boasts a silicon and platinum balance wheel and power reserve. The DB 25 is priced at around $70,000 USD.

The next watch we looked at was an amazingly powerful piece. It is the DB 28 ST, a novelty tourbillon watch created for Basel. It is a jumping second complication and the lightest tourbillon they have. This watch is priced at a staggering $300,000 USD and limited to just 10 pieces for 2012.

A piece which has gotten a tremendous amount of press lately is the DB 28 which was recently awarded the Aiguille d’Or (Golden Hand) honor at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix. It is a very technical watch and limited edition at $80,000 Swiss Franc.

Pierre Jacques also showed us the limited edition Mayan Calendar timepiece. Only 12 of these pieces were made. The gold dial is, of course, Mayan inspired and engraved by hand and encased by sapphire glass. It is priced around $100,000 USD.

Check out the video above to see all the incredible De Bethune timepieces and get an inside look at my meeting with the brand’s CEO Pierre Jacques.

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