Graff Stitches With Diamond Thread

Diamond-set watches come in several different varieties. Some are simply the luxurious siblings of similar watches which are not set with these precious stones, while others were created from the start with diamonds in mind. In most cases, they have to share the limelight with a complicated movement, but there is a category of watches that only has one goal; to let the diamonds take center stage.

It cannot come as a surprise that Graff has quite a reputation to uphold in this category. The brand’s passion for these unique gemstones is only surpassed by the high-quality jewelry and watches that they create with them. This is not as easy as it might seem, as is proven by its Diamond Threads Watch. To create this watch, Graff used 5.85 carats of the finest colorless diamonds, in both brilliant as well as baguette cut. While it may seem that they are placed at random, there is a whole philosophy behind it. Each of the rows of diamonds represents a geometric stitch, linked to the others, forming a precious thread that brings it all together. The result is playful, yet a lot of thought went into how to connect the different rows, whoes effect needs to be preserved when worn on the wrist.

The challenge of the designers, and ultimately the goldsmiths and stonecutters that create the piece, is to bring the design together not only on paper but also in its physical form. Here there is no substitute for experience and talent because only a combination of those two allows for the watch to have a certain casual flair about it while representing one of the most precious and expensive categories in watchmaking. The Diamond Threads Watch can perfectly be worn by itself, but it
is part of a collection that also consists of a bracelet and cufflinks, as well as several different earrings and necklaces. Perfect for those who feel that such an exquisite watch can use some additional accent pieces to go with it.

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