Five Watches For Mother

Five Watches For Mother

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote May 9, 2018

Mother’s Day is almost there again, which means that florists are getting busy, restaurants are trying to keep up with reservations, yet many children are still contemplating what to give their mother. At Haute Time we are of course very biased and think that a watch would make the perfect gift, like one of these five for example!

Bulgari Lvcea skeleton

Bulgari LVCEA Skeleton
Skeleton watches for ladies are a rarity, but Bulgari has recently introduced such a model in their LVCEA collection. As is typical for Bulgari, didn’t they follow the traditional route of approach when creating this watch. Instead of cutting away most of the bridges and the main plate, they left most of them in tact, yet placed over it a skeletonized dial spelling out the brand name set this diamonds. The result is a tantalizing watch that mother can also easily combine with her couture!

Hublot One Click

Hublot One Click Steel White Full Pave
Modern moms will most certainly appreciate getting a Hublot One Click Steel White Full Pave on Mother’s Day. It displays the brand’s signature ‘Art of Fusion’ by combining white ceramic, with stainless steel and brilliant cut diamonds, and power it by an automatic movement. No less than 467 diamonds adorn the case and bezel, which are set in steel, a material far more difficult to do so with than the much softer gold that is usually used for watches like this. The result is like mother; radiant yet tough as nails!

Rendez-Vous, wristshot

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon Medium
Many mothers will also appreciate the complicated elegance of the Rendez-Vous Moon by Jaeger-LeCoultre. Powered by an automatic manufacture movement, the watch features an oversized moonphase indicator that will make her queen of the night, especially with the diamond set bezel. With all its beauty the Jaeger-LeCoultre remains practical as well, with an easy to read dial where stunning blued hands tell the time.

Chanel Boyfriend

Chanel Boyfriend
How about giving your mother a new boyfriend? Not one of flesh and blood, but made up out of gold and diamonds, such as Chanel creates them. With simple yet bold lines has the Boyfriend become in no time a style icon in its own right. Despite its Haute Couture pedigree can it go just as easily with a pair of jeans, and that might be a key ingredient to why this collection of Chanel is such a success.

Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko STGK002
Its name might be rather technical, but the watch itself makes more than up for this! This year Grand Seiko released the STGK002, a brand new ladies watch in their collection, with a brand new movement! Calibre 9S25 is with a height of 4.49mm pleasantly slim for an automatic movement with date, while its decorations easily rival that of its Swiss competitors. That can also be said of the rest of the watch, with its elegant diamond setting and beautiful silver sunburst dial, all housed in an 18K rose gold case.