Claim Their Game! The Best Men’s Watches For Women

Claim Their Game! The Best Men’s Watches For Women

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote May 25, 2018

It must be painful to the other sex, but women have a far larger range of watches to choose from. While many men immediately look elsewhere when there is even a hint that a certain model might also be worn by the fairer sex, women do not have these issues. In fact, many of them cleverly include the bolder look of men’s watches as part of their style. The men may not like it, but many women will take true pleasure in wearing one of these watches:

Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Day-Date

Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Day-Date
Where with many men the Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Day-Date will be a tasteful dress watch, it becomes quite the statement on a woman’s wrist. With its stainless steel, 40mm case, it adds a dash of sportiveness to the classic elegance that has become synonymous with Vacheron Constantin. It’s good looks come with a movement to match, making this the perfect all-around package.

Rolex Daytona gold

Rolex Daytona
Rolex has an extensive ladies collection, but many women have no problem wearing a full-size Datejust, Submariner or even a Daytona. Especially those who enjoy an active lifestyle, love to wear one of the world’s most famous chronograph watches. Rolex also helps in this matter, because where the all steel model amplifies a sportive look, they also offer an extensive array of gold models, adding a touch of glamour and luxury that many women incorporate in their wardrobe with playful ease.

Breitling Navitimer time only

Breitling Navitimer 1 Automatic 38
Georges Kern knows like no other how the watch business works. With the launch of the new Navitimer 1 Automatic with a 38mm case, he is not only appealing to men who like a more classic, three-hand version of one of Breitling‘s most iconic watches. Breitling has long been able to tempt women with models outside the ladies collection, and with the Navitimer 1 Automatic they will seem to do so some more!


Tudor Black Bay Bronze
While there are plenty of diving watches for men, only very few cater to women. Not that this is even hardly an issue as women simply pick up diving watches marketed to men. In recent years Tudor has (re)claimed its position as one of the prominent brands in this field, so it cannot come as a surprise that also women follow suit, making the Black Bay Bronze, for example, a tempting offer for either sex.