Bulgari Strengthens Its Position As King Of Design At Geneva Watch Days

Bulgari Strengthens Its Position As King Of Design At Geneva Watch Days

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote September 2, 2021

At the Geneva Watch Days, Bulgari surprised us with a wide range of different watches that each impressed on their own. The key element is that they all continued a certain legacy within the brand, further strengthening its pillars of success. As we have grown accustomed of Bulgari, they do so with an undeniable sense of style, (Italian) flair and eye for detail.

Bulgari Aluminium GMT

The new Aluminium GMT is the next chapter in this collection since Bulgari successfully (re)launched it in 2020. The brand gives it a bold look by playing with color. Ocean blue is combined with white and red details, which give the watch a dynamic look, in line with what one would expect from a modern-day travel watch. At 40mm, it is well proportioned, while the aluminum case keeps the overall weight pleasantly light. It is powered by an automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve.

Bulgari Octa GMT black

The new Octo Roma WorldTimer shares its sense of traveling. It features a world time function in which Bulgari exchanged certain traditional places on the world time ring, for those where they have hotels or plan to open one. They offer this watch, fitted with manufacture caliber BVL257, in two distinctly different versions. The first combines a stainless steel case with a matching bracelet and vibrant blue dial, while the other has a black DLC-coating and is fitted with a rubber strap.

Bulgari Octa Roma

More complex but equally iconic is the new Octo Roma Tourbillon Central Papillon. It is based on a theme introduced by Daniel Roth, the watchmaker/brand which was later bought by Bulgari and integrated into the brand. The time on this watch is shown through a jump hour display, aided with two so-called papillon, or butterfly hands, to indicate the minutes. To make matters even more challenging to construct, it features a flying tourbillon in the center. Despite its complex nature, the manufacture movement, consisting of 330 parts, has a power reserve of a generous 60-hours. It is captured in a 41mm Octo case crafted from pink gold, further underscoring its precious nature.