Artists That Took Their Watch Collaborations To The Next Level

Artists That Took Their Watch Collaborations To The Next Level

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote October 16, 2018

Collaborations; the watch world is full of them, but to be honest, they not always work out. More often than not it is simply putting famous names together and thinking that because of this the sales of the model will soar. But to reach true synergy both the artist as well as the brand needs to give it a lot more to take it to the next level. The following three watches are excellent examples where neither one rested on the laurels of their previous successes, but simply went to work, and worked hard, to create something truly spectacular.

TAG Heuer Bamford

TAG Heuer Monaco Bamford
When it comes to changing iconic watches, you better tread lightly! While they were often once revolutionary, they build their appeal often on staying exactly the way they were once conceived. However, don’t say that to George Bamford. With his Bamford Watch Department, he often took the most iconic designs and customized them to their owner’s preferences. TAG Heuer recognized his talent and took a different approach: they asked him to create a limited edition of their famed Monaco. Bamford did what Bamford does best and fitted it with a carbon fiber case and a black dial with light blue details. As crazy as this may sound on paper, it is a stroke of brilliance in the real world, where it takes this icon into the future.

Zenith Swizz Beatz

Zenith Defy Swizz Beatz
Recording artist and producer Swizz Beatz has a profound love for watches, and because of this also a great knowledge about them. When he teamed up with Zenith to create a special edition of three watches he had a vision that went above and beyond anything we have ever seen before in the collaboration scene. He put his own mark on the watches, without pushing that of Zenith away, and as a result, we get a duet of pure synergy. While all three are impressive, we especially like the Defy El Primero 21. Swizz Beatz opted for a white ceramic case which works wonders combined with the orange details. It makes the watch original, its complications highly legible but most of all it adds something to the world of watches that wasn’t there before. Around the bezel, in orange letters, we find a quote by Swizz Beatz ‘The sky is not the limit, it’s just the view,’ and happily, he applied that same mentality when he created these extraordinary Zeniths.

Hublot Italia Independent

Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Italia Independent
Hublot is a brand that is known for needing no help to push the envelope and take things to the next level, yet when they do collaborate the result is often spectacular. This was also the case then they were joined by Lapo Elkann’s Italia Independent and Luca Rubinacci of the famed ‘Sartoria Rubinacci, who supplied the exclusive fabrics to make this collection of Classic Fusion Chronographs something truly extraordinary. While the functionality of the chronographs remains fully intact, they have transcended from being a mere timekeeper to a piece of sartorial excellence. A statement of style, and a pillar in a society that often seems to have only comfort in mind when one shops for clothing. It is a watch that shows that there is so much more and that no concessions are needed to look good and feel good. Again a collaboration that moves far beyond simply putting a few famous names together.