An Eye For Doing Good; Omega Launches Two Watches In Support Of Orbis

An Eye For Doing Good; Omega Launches Two Watches In Support Of Orbis

Martin Green
By Martin Green December 22, 2020

Since 2011 is Omega an avid supporter of Orbis. This non-profit organization, specialized in eye-care, provides much-needed medical support worldwide to the most vulnerable communities. They do this by giving training in local hospitals, but also with their flying eye hospital. They are often the only thing that stands between a healthy vision and going blind in many developing countries. For Omega, a worthwhile cause for which they now raise additional funds by launching two special De Ville’s.

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Both watches are crafted from stainless steel and have a diameter of 40mm. They also share the same sunburst dial, in beautiful blue, combined with slender hands and hour markers made from 18K white gold. Where they differ is the bezel, as you can opt to have it in polished stainless steel or set with brilliant-cut diamonds. A nice touch is the seconds hand in the signature blue color of Orbis. This is not the only reference to the organization. When a child has to undergo eye surgery, Orbis is giving them a toy bear. Omega took the image of the bear and put it on the date-wheel, replacing the 8th. A thoughtful reminder of the good you do by purchasing this watch.

The back is also stunning, as it gives you a full view of caliber 8511. This manual wind movement features Omega’s famed Co-Axial escapement and is fitted with a silicon balance spring. It is visible under the balance bridge, which is made from 18k red gold. Next to being beautifully finished is the De Ville Trésor Master Co-Axial Orbis, also certified as a Master Chronometer, and offers a generous power reserve of 60 hours, thanks to two mainspring barrels mounted in series. Each watch comes with a five-year warranty and the unlimited feeling that you made a difference by purchasing one.