5 Questions With Steven Holtzman, Founder Of Maîtres du Temps

Haute Time:  Tell us some of the most exciting developments at Maîtres du Temps today?

Steven Holtzman: We are always working on the execution of ideas and forming collective processes for the Chapters we have designed and continue to design. One of our most exciting developments today is Chapter Three Reveal. We launched at Baselworld last month with Kari Voutilainen and Andreas Strehler, two of the most significant watchmakers of our time who not only worked together seamlessly but are also very good friends. We are looking forward to traveling the world with the masters to meet with collectors at various watch events.

Haute Time: What watch do you wear daily?

Steven Holtzman: Most recently I have been wearing a red gold Chapter Two with blue dial, appreciating the complex curves, and loving the blue sunray dial.


Haute Time: If money was not a concern, which Maîtres du Temps would you recommend to a customer?

Steven Holtzman: I would recommend the watch which best fits a customer’s desire and personality.  For someone who is intrepid and appreciates high complications and displays, I would recommend Chapter One, a highly complicated timepiece showcasing a double roller moon phase, day of the week on rollers, tourbillion, bi-retrograde date, GMT.

For someone who is more conservative, who only wants to show his love of complications with a select few, I would recommend Chapter Three Reveal. They would appreciate the hidden features of the timepiece; only to be revealed at the collector’s discretion with the push of a button.

Lastly, for the customer just entering into the world of complicated timepieces and building his timepieces collection—I would recommend Chapter Two; a highly legible mechanical triple calendar that boasts our signature rollers.



Haute Time: For movement, what watch do you produce that you are most proud of?

Steven Holtzman: Sometimes it seems like I am a kid in a candy store, always wanting to see the next watch. It was such a thrill to show everyone our Chapter Three Reveal at Basel and now I cannot wait to have one for my own collection.

As I have heard in the past, it is hard to choose a favorite; so my favorite is always the one I am lucky enough to be wearing. In the beginning it was Chapter One, and then the Chapter Two, now Chapter Three and of course Chapter Four will be a dazzler. My favorite also depends on what I am wearing and where I am going. I love them all!!

Haute Time:  Blackberry/IPhone/Android?

Steven Holtzman: Today and for the past few years, I have trained my thumbs to dance on the Blackberry Bold.

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