Vacheron Constantin Makes Dreams Come True With Les Cabinotiers Westminster Sonnerie – Tribute to Johannes Vermeer

Vacheron Constantin Makes Dreams Come True With Les Cabinotiers Westminster Sonnerie – Tribute to Johannes Vermeer

Martin Green
By Martin Green September 28, 2021

Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch painter of the 17th century who was known to be able to capture light as no other artist could. He had a fondness for household scenes, which he painted in an intimate, lifelike style. While only 36 paintings of his hand are known today, some of them are amongst the world’s most famous works of art. While many are familiar with his masterpieces “View of Delft” or “The Milkmaid,” they are both surpassed in popularity by the “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” This painting shows elegance, unlike any other. That’s why it was also a daunting task for Vacheron Constantin to recreate it on one side of their Les Cabinotiers Westminster Sonnerie at the request of a discerning connoisseur.


For this, the brand called on Anita Porchet, one of the greatest enamel masters in the world. She started the painstaking work to recreate Vermeer’s finest work, not only in miniature but also in enamel. The old master would without a doubt have approved of her work, as the girl seems to be able to come alive at any moment. It took her two years to complete the painting, but the creation of the entire watch took an additional eight.


The dial of the watch looks very classic, in off-white enamel with blue numerals and railroad track, and gives no hints of the complex movement underneath it. Made up out of 806 parts, caliber 3761 is fitted with a tourbillon and a grande and petite sonnerie with a Westminster chime. This means that it can sound the passing of each quarter in the same way as the famed Big Bang in London. For this, the watch is equipped with no less than five hammers and gongs. Unique is also that this watch is fitted with a modus that makes it go silent between 11 pm and 9 am, ensuring a good night’s rest for its owner. The watch is equipped with two mainspring barrels, one for the striking mechanism and the other for the timekeeping, giving it a power reserve of 80-hours. As this watch is a bespoke commission, Vacheron Constantin will make only one example of the Les Cabinotiers Westminster Sonnerie – Tribute to Johannes Vermeer. Still, their atelier is open for connoisseurs who like to have something similar made.