Four Watches For Fathers Day

It is almost Fathers Day again, that time of the year to surprise dad with something special to show our appreciation for all he has done and is still doing. The most precious gift is the time we spend together with him. However, to also give him a constant reminder of how you value him when you cannot be together, a watch might be an appropriate gift. Such as one of the following four:

By Martin Green

Four Favorites For Mothers’ Day

The day when we celebrate and pay tribute to the most important woman in our lives, the one that introduced us to the world, is around the corner. While many gifts come to mind, few are as appropriate as a watch, as this is a perfect reminder of all the special times we have shared, and are about to share, with here. Here are four of our personal favorites:

Talking Watches & Wonders With Arnaud Carrez, Cartier’s International Director of Marketing & Communications

At the end of Watches & Wonders, Haute Time talked with Arnaud Carrez, Cartier's International Director of Marketing & Communications, regarding what it is like to have a major watch fair going digital, and how the latest Cartier models came about.

Haute Time’s Hottest Watches Of 2020 Part II

Despite the pandemic, many brands did not hold back when it came to releasing new models. What usually would be launched at one of the fairs or during a special event was now presented by Zoom- and Skype-meetings. Fortunately, this doesn't make the watches any less impressive, as the following five prove;

Cartier Brings Together A Unique Community Of Celebrities For Launch Of The Pasha

Ever since its creation in 1985 has the Pasha de Cartier been the watch of people who enjoy style with a unique twist. While in essence, it is just a round watch, it was famed watch designer Gerald Genta who made it more, by adding the typical Vendome-lugs and canteen crown. It made the Pasha de Cartier the watch to have in the 1980s, a success which Cartier perpetuated well into the new millennium. What made the Pasha even more special is that it is a watch that was embraced by a very diverse and international clientele. For the launch of the new generation of the Pasha, Cartier is joined by a very talented group of artists who have each made their mark in different ways. Rami Malek, Troye Sivan, Willow Smith, Maisie Williams, and Jackson Wang are all at the top of their field, where they stand out by their professionalism but also by not conform or restrain their creativity by traditional standards, very much like the Pasha.

Haute Time Discusses New Cartiers With Marketing and Communications Director Arnaud Carrez

At Watches & Wonders, Cartier surprised us with not only the return of the Pasha but also with a mechanical version of the Santos Dumont. Time to discuss these new additions, and more, with Arnaud Carrez, Marketing and Communications Director at Cartier International.

Cartier Revives The Pasha

2020 marks the return of the Pasha de Cartier, which also happens to celebrate its 35th birthday. The watch was initially launched in 1985 and one of the great successes of the brand. It was created by Gerald Genta, who cleverly combined the Vendome-lugs, designed and patented by Louis Cartier in 1934, with a round case and a prominent canteen-crown. It resulted in a very expressive watch that today hasn't lost any of its appeal.

Examining Gerald Genta’s Horological Icons

When it comes to watch designers, few can hold a candle to Gerald Genta. Thanks to a long and illustrious career, he created many of the industries icons.