Our Favorite New Pet: MB&F Launches the HM10 Bulldog

An entirely new MB&F is always an exciting thing. The brand has yet to make something that can be categorized as a 'normal' watch, and also their latest creation refuses to fit in. The Horological Machine No.10, or HM10 in short, is inspired by a bulldog and comes with 'eyes' that tell the time and a jaw that serves as a power reserve indicator.

By Martin Green

What Grand Seiko Teaches Us About Understated Style

Over the years, Grand Seiko has proven that they can make superb sports watches, which have no problem competing with their Swiss counterparts. An admirable accomplishment that comes forward from their mentality to create something great, and then perfect it some more. This pretty much sums up the way that Grand Seiko has been making watches ever since the birth of the brand in 1960.

A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Thin And The Purity Of Design

Being understated seems to be a thing that appeals in particular to the German watch brands. A. Lange & Söhne is no exception to this and has made a name for itself, with classic designs in which less is more. The Saxonia Thin is the watch that highlights this in its purest form, with nothing but two elegant hands, aided by twelve hour markers to tell time. But while it seems to be so easy to create a watch so pure in terms of design, brands like A. Lange & Söhne know all too well that the devil is in the details.

Less Is More With The Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton

Can you make a design even more imposing when you take something away? At Chronoswiss, they prove that this can indeed be the case as with the Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton, they take one of their most iconic designs to the next level by taking away most of the dial and leave only the bare essentials of the movement. This results in a watch that has an incredible sense of depth when you look at it from the dial side. Originally the dial already had several levels, and Chronoswiss retained most of this structure, not only to add the extra sense of depth but also to ensure that this version of the Grand Regulator remains just as easy to read as the ones with a solid dial.

The Watch Before The Icon: Breguet’s First Ventures In Wristchronographs

With the Type XX is Breguet one of the very few watch brands that have an iconic chronograph in their stable. This watch did not appear out of the blue, as from 1935 on Breguet was already building its first wristwatches with chronographs. Later on, they would evolve into the Type XX, but even those early chronographs had a distinct appeal to them, like this model from 1938 proves.

Haute Watch Of The Week: Franck Muller Round Skeleton

Franck Muller is best known for its complicated watches, often fitted with tonneau-shaped cases. So what happens when the brand opts for the most common case shape in the world of watches and fits it with manual wind movement? Then you get the Franck Muller Round Skeleton!

Vacheron Constantin Hits Home Run With Three New Watches

It is not every day that Vacheron Constantin introduces a new model, let alone three! For all of them, the brand found inspiration in the rich past of the brand.

Throwback Thursday With Eric Clapton’s Rolex “The Oyster Albino” Daytona ref. 6263

If there is one thing, we can't deny it is the fact that Eric Clapton has exquisite taste. This also extends to his watch collection with this stunning Rolex Daytona as a prime example!

Watch of the Week: Glashütte Original PanoReserve

When it comes to watchmaking, each country that is a major force in the industry has a style of their own, but perhaps one of the most distinct is the one found in Glashütte, Germany. A watch that is evidence of this is the Glashütte Original PanoReserve.