Haute Time’s Hottest Watches Of 2021 Part I

2021 wasn't how many of us would have expected it to be. As the Covid-19 pandemic continued, it offered many challenges to all of us. Where some businesses lingered because of it, others thrived. Despite very few events, many of the watch brands did well, not in the least because of the fantastic new models they launched. These are among Haute Time's favorites:

By Martin Green

Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon High Jewellery: Diamond Domination

Hublot is a brand with many different qualities, and one of them is to create diamond set watches unlike any other. This tradition started effectively in 2007 with the first One Million $ model. In the years that followed, Hublot expanded its offerings in this field, with each watch highlighting the art of high jewellery in a different, and often innovative, way. This tradition continues with the latest models of Hublot, like the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon High Jewellery.

Hublot Takes The Rainbow Setting To The Next Level With New Big Bang Integral Tourbillon

In 2017 Hublot was one of the pioneers when it comes to the rainbow-setting. In the last couple of years, they have displayed the power of this concept in a wide variety of different watches. Today they introduce a new high in this field with the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon. Because of the integrated bracelet, the brand now has even more metal to utilize the full-color spectrum of the rainbow. They do so in the most precious way, using baguette-cut stones. As a result, 484 stones, weighing almost 36 carats, decorate these watches.

Four Watches For Fathers Day

It is almost Fathers Day again, that time of the year to surprise dad with something special to show our appreciation for all he has done and is still doing. The most precious gift is the time we spend together with him. However, to also give him a constant reminder of how you value him when you cannot be together, a watch might be an appropriate gift. Such as one of the following four:

Hublot Kicks Off Watches & Wonders 2021 With Groundbreaking Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire

At Hublot, they have a passion for materials. Whether it is gold, ceramic, or sapphire, they love to see if they can improve it or give it a color that has never been achieved before. In 2016 the brand introduced its very first sapphire watch, and things developed quickly in the years after. Not only was Hublot able to create sapphire in different colors they could also make them in modest volume. While this sounds less exclusive, the production process of sapphire watches is so intensive that being able to make more of them is a major achievement. Hublot kicks off Watches & Wonders 2021 with another amazing accomplishment, and that is a Big Bang Integral Tourbillon where both the case and the bracelet are made of sapphire.

Hublot Debuts Many Colorful Creations At LVMH Watch Week 2021

Pandemic or not, Hublot never sits still and never stops. This becomes all the more clear at the beginning of the LVMH Watch Week 2021, where Hublot debuts a wide range of new watches. One thing that most of them have in common is that they are bringing new colors to the collection, of which some were previously deemed technically impossible.

Four Hublots With Summer Vibes

Summertime means for most people spending time with friends and family on their boat, the beach, or some other location where they can relax for a moment and enjoy life. On such occasions being able to tell what time it is might not be of the utmost importance yet for many is a watch an essential part of their summer outfits. Here are four watches by Hublot that all have a generous dash of 'summer vibes';

Power Up With Hublot

The power reserve of a mechanical watch is not often a topic of discussion, that while in everyday life it can be an essential aspect of how you enjoy your timepiece. Hublot is one of the brands that has always acknowledged this and incorporates this way of thinking throughout its collection.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Integral: Big News For The Big Bang

Can the introduction of an integrated bracelet for a watch ever be big news? It is when it concerns a watch that quite literally was a 'Big Bang' in the world of watches. Fifteen ago, Hublot launched the Art of Fusion at Baselworld with the Big Bang, a watch that has become in no-time an icon in its own right. It propelled the then niche brand to the forefront of luxury watchmaking. A key element has always been the rubber strap, which has been the signature of Hublot ever since its founding.