Ulysse Nardin Serves Up Two New Freak X Models

Boiling hot or ice-cold? Whatever your preference, Ulysse Nardin is now offering both of these extremes in two new versions of their Freak X model. Introduced in 2019, the Freak X took the legacy of this extraordinary Ulysse Nardin collection to new heights by offering many of its highlights into a smaller and more affordable package. Fitted into a 43mm case, we find caliber UN-230. As always, with the Freak makes its carrousel-type movement the balance wheel an intricate part of telling time. Prominently placed on the dial side as part of the minute hand, is it quite the eyecatcher. For optimum performance, Ulysse Nardin made it out of silicon and fitted it with micro-blades and nickel flyweights for stabilization.

By Adrienne Faurote