Dark Delights: Four Watches With A Black Case That Are Anything But Boring

Black is a color that is nearly always appropriate to wear. Also in watchmaking does it have a dominant position, especially when it comes to dials and straps. Black cases were for a long time a rarity. At the beginning of the last century, some brands, like Cartier, for example, experimented with bakelite cases. These watches were scarce then, and even more so now. Later on, new technologies such as PVD-coatings made it that more watches with black cases entered the market. Today there are several materials which a brand can utilize to create a black watch case. Next to the traditional PVD-coating, are there now coatings made from 'Diamond-Like Carbon,' which are more resistant to wear. Next to coatings did also a whole new generation of materials emerged. Ceramic was one of the first to make its entrance, but now even carbon, in various forms, is being used to craft watch cases. Their popularity is increasing, and for a good reason, because no matter what black-colored material is selected, it often results in watches that are true dark delights!

By Martin Green