Haute Complication: IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Spitfire

When it comes to perpetual calendars does IWC has quite the reputation to uphold. It was mainly thanks to master watchmaker Kurt Klaus that this became one of the brand's signature complications. While we can especially credit the Da Vinci for achieving this in the first, putting the perpetual calendar in a 'Pilots'-watch, another thing IWC became famous for, only further enhanced its popularity. While a perpetual calendar is, in essence, a very classic complication, this gives it a contemporary edge.

By Martin Green

Bold And Bronze: The Staying Power Of A Not So New Material

As a material, does bronze have an imposing history playing, especially an essential role from around 3300 till 600 BC. During this period, which is even named the Bronze age, was the alloy made from combining tin with copper. The advantage of bronze was that it is very malleable and also less brittle than, for example, cast iron, so perfect for making a great variety of different objects. As the material is very resistant to corrosion from seawater, it has also played a particularly important role in maritime history.

Four Watches That Make You Green With Envy

When it comes to dial colors, decades were ruled by black and silver as the most popular choices. They still rule supreme, but now need to give a bit of space to other colors as well. Blue has become a staple in more recent years, but grey and brown tones are getting more popular as well. Green might seem like a more extreme color, but also this one seems to be here to stay. While it will probably never dethrone black and silver, these four watches are bound to make anybody who sees you wear them, green with envy!

TAG Heuer Autavia: Vintage Looks With A State-of-the-Art Heart

In the TAG Heuer Autavia, the world of aviation and motor racing come together in a single creation, but that is not all that is united. While the design of the latest generation of this model is vintage inspired, it's beating heart couldn't be more modern. Crafted from a carbon composite, the hairspring is nearly immune to magnetic fields, changing temperatures and shocks, which normally have a negative influence on the accuracy of a mechanical watch. All the TAG Heuer Autavia's are therefor Chronometer certified.

Is Bronze The New Steel?

When a couple of years ago the first bronze cased watches entered the mainstream watch scene, it seemed to be a trend. However, over the years these type of watches have proved their staying power, as a charismatic alternative to steel. Initially, bronze cases where mainly applied to dive watches as their non-corrosive qualities offer an added advantage there. However, this edition of the SIHH we saw that the trend of using this material into other categories of watches also continues.

SIHH Day 4: A World Of Wonders Comes To An End

With the fourth day, the SIHH is slowly winding down, but goes out with a bang! This is the only day that the fair is open to the public and a lot of people joined journalists and retailers from around the world to admire all the great watches. For us, it is the time to have our last appointments and do the final photoshoots, and once again we were delighted by what we got to see!

Haute Time’s Favorite Watches Of 2017 Part I

When the new year is coming closer people tend to look back at what the current year has brought them. During the course of the year, the tide turned, and many brands enjoyed, once more, increased sales. This was in part due to some incredible new models that were introduced, which worked up an appetite with watch collectors and connoisseurs. At Haute Time we also look back, with our favorite watches of 2017!

Bad Boys In Bronze

We are currently in an era in watchmaking in which there is significant innovation regarding the materials of which watch cases are made. Sapphire, scratch resistant gold, carbon fibers, and high tech plastics now play a significant role in the world of Haute Horlogerie, but surprisingly also a more ancient alloy: Bronze.

Bronze, An Old Material Whose Time Has Come

Bronze cases have largely been used for divers’ watches since the material is virtually rust proof but it does have other uses

Watch of the Week: Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo

Of the new lineup of Submersible's that Panerai recently introduced, one stood apart: the Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo. Not only because it remains unapologetically large with a diameter of 47mm, but also because of the material it is made of: Bronze.

Panerai Luminor Submersible: The New Draft

In the world of Panerai, all watches are bold, but some are bolder than others. The Luminor Submersible has always been part of that last category and achieved this not always by sheer size, but more so by its imposing design. Panerai recently introduced six new models in this collection. Time for us to take a closer look at the recruits of the new draft!