Luxury Retailer Watches of Switzerland Continues Its Major Expansion In The US—And There’s No Plan Of Slowing Down

Last week, Watches of Switzerland Group PLC (’the Group’) revealed its half-year financial results, yielding great success in the US market.

By Adrienne Faurote

Watches of Switzerland Group Continues Strong US Growth

Watches of Switzerland Group, the premiere luxury timepiece retailer, showed continued growth in their recently released Q3 FY21 Trading Update in the US market.

Watches Of Switzerland E-Commerce Sales Increase 65%

Watches of Switzerland's leading position in luxury watches escalated, as well as their e-commerce sales increased by over 65%.

Watches Of Switzerland Group Announces 20-Percent Growth In Q2

Watches of Switzerland has powered through the setbacks of this year, including global shutdowns, to come out shining with 20% growth in Q2.

Watches Of Switzerland Announces Acquisition Of Analog Shift, Offering Vintage + Pre-Owned Timepieces

Watches of Switzerland has announced the group's acquisition of Analog Shift, the premier retailer for vintage + pre-owned timepieces.

Watches Of Switzerland Opens Newest NYC Boutique At Hudson Yards

Watches of Switzerland is on a rapid U.S. expansion and has opened its latest stunning boutique at the revolutionary Hudson Yards retail complex in NYC.

One-On-One With Watches Of Switzerland Group Executive Vice President David Hurley

Haute Living interview with Watches of Switzerland Group Executive Vice President David Hurley and Executive Vice President of MAYORS Al Rahm.