Glashütte Original In Touch With Time With Their 2020 Annual Editions

Over the years, they have become a thing, the annual editions of Glashütte Original. What sets these watches apart is not that they are entirely new models, but rather that they feature the most stunning dials. In the last few years, Glashütte Original has shown us stunning dials in a 'raindrops against a windshield' kind-of-motif featuring bright colors such as orange and green. This year their approach is quite different and remarkably appropriate for the times we are living in today.

By Martin Green

Watch of the Week: Glashütte Original Sixties Annual Edition

Glashütte Original shows us what a difference a color can make with the new Sixties Annual Edition; bright orange that spreads out over the dial and turns almost black at the edges. As if the color is not eye-catching enough already, the texture of the dial, which looks like raindrops hitting your windshield while driving on the highway, adds even more to it. To create this effect, Glashütte Original is using original equipment from the 1960s in their dial manufacture. Here a 60-tonne press gives each dial blank its low-relief pattern.