Four Hublot’s That Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Diamonds have the power to transform the look of a watch completely. It can give sportive watches a touch of elegance, where it makes quite a difference if the understated baguette-cut is selected, or the more vibrant brilliant cut, while a mixture of both has an appeal of its own as well. For Hublot, diamonds are also part of the 'Art of Fusion,' as they seamlessly integrate them in the following four stunning watches;

By Adrienne Faurote

Watch of the Week: Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski Titanium

When a watch brand is collaborating with an artist, they take a considerable wrist. Artists are by nature free-spirited people who have a vision of how their work should look, and when they get free reign over a watch, the DNA of the brand itself can be greatly compromised. Hublot was also exposed to this risk when they collaborated with Richard Orlinski, and while his design did give them some production challenges.

When Fine Watchmaking Meets Modern Art: Hublot x Richard Orlinski

Hublot is a watch brand that is not afraid to push the boundaries of its field. Whether it is in terms of design, technology, or materials, Hublot has a passion for innovating, which means that it is not even uncommon for them to push the boundaries of all three with a single watch. They are also a brand that enjoys collaborations, not only because of the synergy that it generates but also because the input of others takes Hublot out of their own comfort zone.