Watch of the Week: Santos de Cartier Chronograph

The Santos de Cartier Chronograph can best be described as dynamic elegance. Its sense of refinement comes from the iconic case and its distinct bezel, which now extends to where the bracelet or strap begins, one of the hallmarks of the in 2018 redesigned collection. While it maintains the recognizable profile of the Santos, it also provides it with a fresh look. The chronograph version is visually more dynamic than its time-only sibling. This is in part due to the subdials, which Cartier spaced out perfectly. The dial features the signature Roman numerals, along with a partial railroad track along the outer perimeter, marking the hours and minutes.

By Martin Green

Watch of the Week: Parmigiani Kalpagraphe ADLC

Subtle changes can sometimes result in a dramatically different result. This is most certainly the case with the new Kalpagraphe ADLC from Parmigiani. You can take this quite literally as both the two new models feature a case with a black coating of Amorphous Diamond-like Carbon, better known as their acronym ADLC. This coating has quite a few advantages, and one of them is that it is very hard. This means that it is very scratch-resistant, but the unique thing about ADLC is that it combines this quality with being highly elastic as well. As a result, it will not chip off, but it can also be smoothly applied to a watch case, even those with a more complex shape.

Haute Complication: Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon Black

Those who think that it is the complications that make a Quadruple Tourbillon such an exquisite timepiece have never been up close and personal with this Greubel Forsey. While they are utterly impressive, it is the finish of each component in the watch that truly sets it apart from anything else. This is also one of the reasons why I enjoyed the Quadruple Tourbillon Black, which was introduced during Baselworld, so much.