Zenith Launches A Rhapsody In Blue With Chronomaster Revival “Manufacture Edition”

The story is one of the true legends of the watch world; how Charles Vermot, watchmaker at Zenith, got in the 1970's the orders to destroy everything connected to the El Primero movement but instead hide everything away on the attic. While the management thought that quartz movements would soon be all there is, Vermot kept believing that there was a future in mechanical watchmaking and was proved to be right in the end. Today the El Primero is one of the most acclaimed chronograph movements and Zenith one of the highest stars in mechanical watchmaking. That attic turned out to be a real treasure trove. Next to everything they needed to start the production of the El Primero again also other things were uncovered such a stunning dial for the A386 El Primero. This dial is now featured in a special edition of the Chronomaster Revival "Manufacture Edition."

By Adrienne Faurote