Throwback Thursday: Rolex Submariner Reference 5513 “Meters First”

The Rolex Submariner is one of those watches that truly deserves the title of icon. It remains the benchmark of diving watches and a truly special Rolex to own. There are quite a few exceptional models in the rich history of the Submariner, often made for a limited period or in very low quantities, of which this reference 5513 "Meters First" is one.

By Martin Green

Throwback Thursday: Rolex Submariner “Meters first”

Part of the appeal of the earlier Rolex Submariners is that they transport you to a different time. A time in which these type of watches where worn by people who mainly bought them as a tool for their chosen profession. People that explored the world, that went to places, and in case of the Submariner, depths that no human being has gone before. That appeal can still be found in this Rolex, but especially in the earlier models.

Live And Let Die: Roger Moore’s Tricked Out Rolex Submariner

Roger Moore has passed but he leaves behind a legacy of impressive roles. As Bond, he never drove an Aston Martin, but he did wear a Rolex, and a very tricked out one!