Patek Philippe Launches Not One, But Three New Grand Complications

With the cancelation of Baselworld, it could have very well been a year in which Patek Philippe wouldn't launch a single new watch. However, that is fortunately not the case, as they introduce not one, but three new grand complications. While some are varieties on already existing watches, they all bring something new to the table that makes them very desirable.

By Martin Green

Four Of The Best Bracelets On Watches

When it comes to watches, we tend to focus on the movement and its complications. While this is indeed often the reason why we buy a particular watch, a good bracelet, when it is of course fitted with one, can also have a substantial impact on how we enjoy it in day to day life. It should not only firmly yet comfortably secure the watch on our wrist, but it should also match its style. Designing and creating such a bracelet is not an easy task, yet these four brands nailed it.

For The Love Of Gold!

There is a lot to say for the discrete color of white gold, but sometimes you just want gold to be gold. You want the pure look of yellow gold or the rich tones of rose gold, and not only for the case but for the bracelet as well. Sometimes you want to go all in, and these watches are all the way with you for that!