TAG Heuer Celebrates 60 Years of Carrera with Star-studded Hollywood Roster in London

TAG Heuer Celebrates 60 Years of Carrera with Star-studded Hollywood Roster in London

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote April 27, 2023

TAG Heuer united an epic Hollywood lineup in London to celebrate 60 years of the iconic Carrera collection and for the world premiere of the Chase for Carrera campaign.

Ryan Gosling, Patrick Dempsey, Frédéric Arnault, Madelyn Cline, Alexandra Daddario and Jacob Elordi

Photo Credit: German Larkin Media

Jack Heuer introduced the world to an iconic timepiece 60 years ago in the form of the Carrera. Last week, 60 years later, TAG Heuer celebrated this icon with a star-studded event in Central London.

“We chose London for this special evening as the UK is such an important part of the brand, one of our biggest markets and a country of watch lovers and racing enthusiasts,” said Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer. “We are extremely excited to celebrate the 60th Carrera anniversary by unveiling a very special film.”

TAG Heuer began the 60th anniversary celebration in January and is presenting throughout the year a reimagined Carrera range of contemporary yet timeless models. Characterized by high-performance timekeeping capabilities and a look that exudes elegance and drive, these new models mark truly a new era for the 60th Anniversary of the TAG Heuer Carrera.

“We wanted to pay homage to the original design whilst adding a modern feel to it and bringing it to a new era and I am particularly proud of the Glassbox design the teams have come up with – and very honored that Jack Heuer himself enjoys it very much too,” added Arnault.

Jacob Elordi

Photo Credit: Gavin Larkin Media

Speaking of icons, Hollywood’s newest style icon, and TAG Heuer Brand Ambassador, Jacob Elordi, was proudly wearing the new Carrera “Glassbox design” following his latest Monaco campaign last year.

Two new members were also introduced to the TAG Heuer family during the evening – Madelyn Cline, star of two of Netflix’s recent hits, Outerbanks and The Glass Onion, was proud to be announced as the brand’s newest US brand Ambassador. She was joined by Alexandra Daddario, known for her latest performance in White Lotus, who now also wears the latest TAG Heuer Carrera Date design in eclectic pink in the new print version of The Chase for Carrera campaign.

Alexandra Daddario

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Arnault then lifted the curtain on a world-first – a Hollywood action comedy, The Chase for Carrera, starring brand ambassador Ryan Gosling. The short film salutes the Carrera’s storied racing heritage in a no-holds-barred chase thriller embodying the TAG Heuer avant-garde spirit: “When Ryan joined the TAG Heuer family almost two years ago, it was crystal clear that we needed to do something in this direction. He is THE quintessential Hollywood driver, and we have a very special connection with him. We wanted to do a very special film – but we were waiting for the right opportunity. It was no doubt super ambitious, and no one knew how it is going to truly turn out, but with such an amazing cast of super talented people the odds were with us”, Arnault added.

Also featuring actress Vanessa Bayer, the offbeat chase thriller follows Gosling on the run from Bayer’s prop master as she attempts to relieve him of his beloved TAG Heuer Carrera – something he doesn’t plan on letting her do.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images