TAG-Heuer Autavia: Timeless style back in business!

Few brands have such a strong division in their collection as TAG-Heuer. It is a company that is very future focused, yet because they have always been like this, also has an impressive past. That is why part of the past always lives on in the brand’s current collection, which is now expanded with the Autavia. Unique about this watch is that clients and watch connoisseurs had a say in how the watch would look like. TAG-Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver is a firm believer in giving the people what they want, and therefore the public could pick their favorite vintage Autavia from a pre-selection of 16 Autavia’s from the 1960’s, the decade in which the original model was introduced.

TAG Heuer AutaviaThat being said, the new Autavia is not an exact copy of the vintage one for the mere fact that it isn’t a vintage one. The 2017 Autavia is in almost every aspect equal to that of a modern day TAG-Heuer, only with a vintage styling. Although resembling the Autavia Reference 2446 Mark 3, the case is more robust, with a diameter of 42 mm, instead of 38 mm. While the original had a manual wind chronograph movement inside, the new version runs on TAG-Heuer’s manufacture caliber 02. Unlike with the original version, the movement is not hidden behind a closed case back but shows its full glory from behind the glass case back.

TAG Heuer AutaviaThis truly makes the new Autavia a serious contender in the market for chronographs with a vintage flair. Next to the chronograph function and the date complication, is the Autavia also fitted with a bezel, featuring a 12-hour index. This feature might come in handy when traveling, as it can easily be used as a second time-zone. That makes a the Autavia a great all rounder.

TAG Heuer AutaviaThe same can be said of its looks. Although in essence half a century old, the “panda-dial” never grows old and never goes out of style. It is also quite easy to change the whole look of the watch with just changing the strap. The vintage styled brown strap really gives it a sense of yesteryear, but swap to a black calf and the watch shows its more formal side. Carbon fiber and thick white stitching? The Autavia will display the genes that have made a brand a favorite by race car drivers for centuries. It is this classic versatility that will, without a doubt, also make the 2017 version of this legendary watch a great success!

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