Rolex Testimonee Caroline Wozniacki Shares Her Personal Timepiece Collection

Rolex Testimonee Caroline Wozniacki Shares Her Personal Timepiece Collection

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By Haute Time July 13, 2020
Caroline Wozniacki
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Photo Credit: Scott McDermott

Photography: Scott McDermott

Styling: Shala Rothenberg

Grooming: Angel Gabriel

Shot on-site at The New York EDITION

Haute Time was lucky enough to once again sit down with Caroline Wozniacki—who recently announced that she was stepping away from her legendary women’s professional tennis career to enter the next chapter of her life. Having served as a Rolex Testimonee for 13 years throughout her professional tennis career, Wozniacki has amassed a serious watch collection and will continue her partnership with the brand moving forward off the court. Wozniacki has always been a tastemaker, both on and off the court, so it is no surprise that her timepiece collection is anything but ordinary. She holds an appreciation for the complexity in timepieces, its wearability, and of course, diamonds.

Here, Wozniacki gives us a personal timepiece tour, explains what drew her to Rolex as a brand, some of her favorite memories associated with her timepieces and more.

Haute Time: What drew you to the brand?

Caroline Wozniacki: They’ve always been very big in tennis and they asked if I wanted to be an ambassador for Rolex, and I’ve always loved Rolex, so it was an honor.

HT: What was the first Rolex in your collection?

CW: My first watch I ever got was a stainless steel Daytona, which is still one of my favorites. Actually this watch [points], is the Datejust with the diamonds. I am very big into diamonds. For women, it adds that something extra. I also have some limited-edition pieces, like my Zebra [Rolex Datejust 36 White Gold Royal Zebra Pave Diamond dial]. I absolutely love this timepiece — it has diamonds on the side. The fact that very few people have this watch makes it very unique and I love that.

HT: What is your favorite timepiece in your collection? 

CW: This Daytona with the full diamond face and the diamonds around is also very rare. I love it and wear it all the time—I dress it up, I dress it down, it goes with everything. And this watch [points to a Rolex Sky-Dweller 18K White Gold] was a present I gave to David for our anniversary. It was a very special gift and I have it engraved on the back. He loves it and he wears it all the time.

HT: Do you have any special memories associated with them? 

CW: I think this one [Rolex with diamond face] because I got it after I won the Australian Open and it was a watch that I’ve always wanted to get but I couldn’t find it anywhere and Rolex really had to dig deep and find it for me. It’s the watch that when I put back on, it reminds me of when I was in Australia at the finals and I was holding the trophy with this watch on.

HT: What do you look for when picking out a timepiece? 

CW: I always look for something that is unique and special, that is different from the day-to-day watches that you see on the street. I love the Zebra—if I’ve seen maybe one other with this watch, that’s maximum. I love something that can go from day to night, so I can dress it up or dress it down because with having been on the court for so many hours and going to the gym and working out, I wear sports clothes a lot and I like to have something that can transform a look from day to night.

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Caroline Wozniacki & David Lee
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Photo Credit: Scott McDermott

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