Men’s Watches, Worn By Women: The SpidoSpeed Black Diamond, From Linde Werdelin

Men’s Watches, Worn By Women: The SpidoSpeed Black Diamond, From Linde Werdelin

Arthur Touchot
By Arthur Touchot July 29, 2014

Despite the success of the ladies’ market, very few independent brands have dedicated pieces for women, but that doesn’t mean ladies should overlook them. What better way for a successful, independent woman, to make a statement, than with the ultimate boy’s toy on their wrist? Haute Time takes a look at the SpidoSpeed Black Diamond, a timepiece that looks cool, whoever is wearing it:


The SpidoSpeed Black Diamond is definitely a masculine piece. The DLC microbillé steel case looks mean, and its angular design gives it a rough edge. But the 48 brilliant-cut black diamonds of 1.57 carats meticulously mounted inside the bezel, and the dark mother dial made from Tahitian shells, mean your lady will want to borrow the watch from you. And you would be wrong not to lend it to her.


The SpidoSpeed Black Diamond looks fantastic on a woman! According to the brand, it’s the one they prefer at least. The only issue, for the ladies, is its size. All SpidoSpeed watches measure the same, 44mm by 46mm, to be able to fix Linde Werdelin’s smart instruments, the Reef and the Rock.


However, the SpidoSpeed textured calf strap with ardillion buckle is very comfortable, and Linde Werdelin has a proprietary strap system, so it’s interchangeable in case you need to make it a little tighter on the wrist. The brand has always communicated the importance of customization for its clients, and it should respond positively to this kind of request.


The elusive SpidoSpeed Black Diamond is available from CHF 25,000 or $ 27,500, and we are told there are only three left from the 50 piece series. For more, please visit Linde Werdelin