Introducing The HYT Skull Maori

Introducing The HYT Skull Maori

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote November 12, 2015

Just two weeks ago, HYT CEO and Partner Vincent Perriard, in Paris for the launch of the H4 Metropolis, shared ideas to perhaps extend the current collections, to design a line “a bit more classic, a bit less ‘rock ‘n roll’ “ with more accessible prices, “and why not a model specifically for ladies? We could make something a bit smaller, thinner, hide the pistons and cover them with something more romantic, more feminine.”

HYT Skull Watch
HYT Skull

But that is for the future. For now, with the official presentation yesterday of the Skull Maori, the Hydro Mechanical Horologists reconfirm their commitment to ‘rock ‘n roll’ technology and design. You already know the Skull, with its right eye that gradually darkens in colour as the movement’s 65-hour power reserve nears the end, and a seconds dial that rotates continuously in the left, all on a dial surrounded by a skull-shaped capillary containing a coloured liquid that marks the hours. Minute indicators are unnecessary on this timepiece that defies time; we estimate the minutes depending upon the position of the coloured liquid between two hours.

HYT Skull Maori Haute Time
HYT Skull Maori

Meet the Skull Maori that artistically strengthens the already remarkable aesthetics of this impressive timepiece with beautiful engravings of Maori tribal tattoos on its pink gold skull-shape dial and brown leather strap. HYT’s award-winning innovations and achievements in just three years have energized the desire and commitment to go even further, and “we are really excited about being at the SIHH in January 2016” enthuses Perriard.

HYT Skull Maori Presenting the Family
HYT CEO Vincent Perriard presenting the collection.

“We have produced 400 timepieces this year” and “are in constant development, from 3 people just 18 months ago to 42 today, mostly for research and development. We have great innovative projects in the pipeline for the next 5 years including a model developed next year in collaboration with our ambassador automobile pilot Jean-Eric Vergne. And in addition to our 60 points of sale worldwide, an affiliate in Singapore and another planned to open in Miami end 2016, we have a new boutique in Kuala Lumpur and projects to open more in the next 6 months.

HYT Skull Maori Interview time with CEO & Partner Vincent Perriard
Interviewing HYT CEO and Vincent Perriard

But we have reached a phase”, he continued “where we are asking ourselves if we should stay only where we are, with an entry price point of €50,000 and an average price of €80,000, or if in 2 to 3 years we should not be able to have an offer starting at € 28,000 – € 30,000”.

HYT Skull Maori Art Director Xavier Casals explaining The Skull copy
Art Director Xavier Casals explaining The Skull copy

This would of course be in addition to the current and yet-to-come collections where “we will continue to innovate, and continue to take risks.” No risk-taking here, The Skull Maori, in a limited edition of 15 pieces, priced at $ 120,000 is as powerful and exclusive as a New Zealand rugby player on the field.

Photo Credit: Laurent Koch le Breton for HYT. For more information, please visit the official HYT Watches website. Follow Haute Time on Instagram to catch all of the new releases as they happen.