Indulgent Luxury: The Best Watches and Whisky Pairings

Indulgent Luxury: The Best Watches and Whisky Pairings

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote April 4, 2015

Dalmore + IWC


Fit For a King
Crafted to honour the act of saving Scotland’s King in 1263, this expression unites six specially selected casks housing spirit of perfect maturity. Whiskies matured in ex-bourbon casks, Matusalem oloroso sherry wood, Madeira barrels, Marsala casks, port pipes and Cabernet Sauvignon wine barriques are brought together in perfect harmony. Each cask gives its own flavour notes, delivering a unique, complex single malt whisky revered by connoisseurs.

Tasting Notes:
On the nose:
You’ll get an intense bouquet of sweet sherry, notes of Madeira cake and marzipan. This is followed by a light waft of zest and raspberries. Spicy notes of cinnamon will emerge, followed by vanilla and a touch of oak.
On the palate: There are beautiful notes of maraschino cherries and a refreshing flavour of raspberries. Some lemony zest, crème caramel, almonds and a touch of ginger closely follow this. Notes of cloves and nutmeg nicely balance out the palate.
The finish: Is short – medium, sweet and spicy, with lingering oak

The verdict
A very warming and enticing dram that is refreshing but punchy at the same time. A well-balanced Scotch, with notes that have been nicely married making it an enjoyable dram, one that is fit for a King. Due to the smooth flavours of the Dalmore King Alexander III, it doesn’t require any water but just a little airtime to allow the Scotch to breathe. As with all scotches, if you require water then only add a small amount until it is just right for you.

Info: ABV 40% in a 70cl bottle

Understated Royalty: IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar
The Portugieser Perpetual Calendar oozes pure class but with an air of restraint and sophistication that keeps it within the realms of perfect for the distinguished gentleman. Introduced in 2011, this Perpetual Calendar, which is part of the well-established IWC Portugieser family, features all the traits one would expect.

The 44.2mm case, while on the large side, encompasses everything one requires of a fine timepiece. Exclusively crafted in platinum, finely decorated with a silver-plated dial and blue moon phase display, the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar (Ref. 502305) is limited to 250 pieces worldwide. This elegant, up-to-the-minute timepiece leaves virtually no wish unfulfilled: it features a perpetual calendar, four-digit year display, and a seven-day automatic movement with the Pellaton winding system and a power reserve display. The Portugieser Perpetual Calendar is available with the classic cut-out moon phase display when observed from the northern hemisphere. The Earth’s satellite sweeps onto this miniature stage from the left, from behind the semi-circular setting, only becoming visible in the middle as a full moon and disappears on the right side behind the second semi-circle. The moon is accompanied on disc by small raised stars.

The celestial ballet of the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar is perfectly choreographed and is crafted for watch connoisseurs who appreciate both, the masterful engineering and the classical timeless elegance of such a wrist companion.

Glenfiddich Rare Collection + Vacheron Constantin


Indulgent Luxury
Glenfiddich, founded in 1887 by William Grant and family-run to this day, is perhaps the most famous of all of Scotland’s single malts and is equally famous for the rarity of its single cask bottling’s. Glenfiddich offer a range of Scotch titled “Rare Collection” that is to whisky connoisseurs, pure indulgent, Scotch heaven. This particular Rare Collection is a single cask Glenfiddich, which has been hand selected and bottled exclusively for The Whisky Shop. The cask selected was a refill bourbon cask filled on 13th March 1992. Though in this year, the now gas-fired spirit stills at Glenfiddich were still coal-fired, making this Scotch a part of whisky history.

Tasting Notes:
On the nose: You’ll be enticed by sweet wafts of honey and notes of marzipan. Vanillas and the most beautiful note of fresh apples, pears, with cinnamon and cloves, follow this. There is a lovely note of caramelised pineapples that have a complimenting all-spice edge.
On the palate: It is a lot spicier, with rich oak. The cloves and the cinnamon are very present but those sweeter tropical notes of pineapples and fresh pears are more subdued.
The finish: Long, spicy, with lingering oak.

The verdict
A very luxurious and indulgent Scotch that has a warm and inviting allure. It is well balanced, with just the right amount of sweetness and spice. Due to the rather high ABV percentage, I’d suggest that you add just a few drops of water to allow the Scotch to breathe and unlock the plethora of flavours available.

Info:  ABV 56.3% in a 70cl bottle

Indulgent Excellence: Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle Calibre 2755
The Traditionelle Calibre 2755 is the ultimate expression in extreme complications. Based on Vacheron Constantin’s 250th anniversary model, the Tour de l’Ile. The Calibre 2755 is a worthy descendant and is an indulgence of the brand’s savoir-faire and an offering of their excellence; it is a truly exquisite model. Housing three major complications from the world of Haute Horlogerie, it is the quintessence of watchmaking art.

The Traditionelle Calibre 2755 took over three years to create and is to date the most complicated timepiece in Vacheron’s line-up. Housed in a case that measures 44mm, the size only lends to the importance of the timepieces Grand presence. It features a tourbillon, perpetual calendar and a minute repeater. The Minute Repeater is a blend of horological technology and romanticism that transforms time into music; besides eliminating the effects of gravity, the Tourbillon displays the charm of a delicate mechanism revealing the heart of the watch; the Perpetual Calendar, with its “memory of time to come”, follows the changes in the Gregorian calendar with no other operation necessary than adjusting the date every 100 years.

The Traditionelle Calibre 2755 is a truly exceptional timepiece that has incorporated a Minute Repeater, Tourbillon and Perpetual Calendar: bringing these three major complications together in one timepiece are seldom witnessed and a rarely accomplished exercise. Due to its complexity, the Patrimony Traditionelle “Calibre 2755“ can only be produced in very limited numbers, making it Vacheron Constantin’s pure indulgence of excellence.