In this Issue of Haute Living: Bell & Ross CEO Carlos Rosillo Talks Timing

In this issue: Haute Living magazine and Haute Time invite readers to get an inside look at Bell & Ross from the perspective of CEO Carlos Rosillo.

Rosillo took us down memory lane, from the brand’s first days to the inspirational factors that have rendered Bell & Ross inimitable in the luxury watch industry.

“Just three years after its debut collection, Bell & Ross caught the eye of Chanel. The fashion-house ‘gave us incredible leverage,’ says Rosillo. ‘Not only did we have a great, friendly relationship with them, but they truly knew the luxury market and gave us the framework to confidently control our vision.’

Now, the company claims 800 points of sale in 70 countries and a cutting edge E-boutique.”

Aside from smart business and amazing partnerships, Bell & Ross is built on a consistent style. “When you look at all of our models you see our style, you recognize it immediately,” says Rosillo. “You know what our DNA is.”

Reliable, functional and artful, Rosillo continues to lead Bell & Ross beyond the ordinary into a truly artistic realm of timepieces. See so for yourself here.

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