Hublot Brings the Joy of Soccer to the Jacarezinho Favela

Hublot Brings the Joy of Soccer to the Jacarezinho Favela

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote August 6, 2014
Pelé and Hublot CEO  Ricardo Guadalupe at the  Tamo Junto Jacarezinho  in Rio de Janeiro.
Pelé and Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe at the Tamo Junto Jacarezinho in Rio de Janeiro.

While the eyes of the world were focused on the intense matches and grand celebrations of the 2014 World Cup matches, Hublot was quietly bringing soccer to Brazil’s most impoverished. The manufacture, which was the Official Timekeeper of the Brazil World Cup, honored the spirit of “The Beautiful Game” by opening a new soccer field in the heart of the Jacarezinho favela in Rio de Janeiro.
Hublot worked hand-in-hand with Brazil’s Department of Social Assistance and Human Rights to refurbish a rundown field in Jacarezinho, which is one of the densest favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

The brand donated funds to ensure the realization of this undertaking, tapping not only the Rosenbaum and FGMF architectural firms to partner in the project, but the whole Jacarezinho community. Children spent their weekends contributing to the project, painting walls and sharing their ideas for the field. Even Brazilian artist Romero Britto, who created the display case for Hublot’s Official World Cup watch, spent a weekend in Jacarezinho, painting a mural with the help of local kids.


Named the Tamo Junto Jacarezinho (Portugese for ‘together Jacarezinho’), the field was officially opened during the World Cup. Located next to a school, the Tamo Junto Jacarezinho will provide a positive outlet for the favela’s at-risk children, and will feature creative development programs.

The opening was a poignant culmination for the Swiss brand, which set up its Hublot Palace HQ in Rio de Janeiro for the duration of the World Cup. This charitable action will benefit the community of Jacarezinho for years to come. “The social aspect is important,” said Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. “With our success, we also care for others. We are in the luxury business but we believe in giving back, specifically for the children. We are an inspirational brand. If they study and work hard, they should be able to succeed.”
In a touching moment, Pelé—who has fought to improve conditions for Brazil’s poor for years—joined Guadalupe for the opening of the soccer field. The Tamo Junto Jacarezinho will give children a clean, healthy environment to play in and a space to dream, and teach them that with hard work they can accomplish anything, just like the King of Football, Pelé.