Holding the Key :  Hublot’s Masterpiece Key of Time

Holding the Key : Hublot’s Masterpiece Key of Time

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote December 13, 2012

At some point in our lives we have all wished we could slow time down and savor a very special moment. Some of us have even thought how wonderful it would be hurry time along, maybe fast forward through a particular day or skip through a not so special moment. Hublot has given us the power control how quickly or slowly our time passes – on the timepiece that is. After years of research, Hublot gives the wearer of The Masterpiece Key of Time the illusion of controlling time.

During a recent visit to the Hublot Boutique in New York City, Haute Time Co-Founder Seth Semilof and I had the privilege of seeing the Masterpiece Key of Time in person. In fact, The Masterpiece we saw at the Madison Avenue Boutique is the only Masterpiece Key of Time available in the United States.

Hublot and its complications department of master watchmakers have introduced The Masterpiece Key of Time, the second addition to the Masterpiece collection and a truly unique timepiece. Powered with a HUB9002 mechanical-winding movement with column wheel and power reserve tourbillon, this watch is as notable as it looks. The case is micro-blasted titanium with a special black PVD treatment applied. The dial, is multi-layered which gives the watch so much depth, and the fact that it is matte black and has satin finished nickel plated hands with green luminescent, makes quite a statement.

The Masterpiece Key of time allows us to simply adjust the mechanism and slow the time down to a quarter of its normal rate. The movement also allows us to speed up the mechanism to up to four times faster the normal rate so time elapses quickly. The complicated mechanism was created to allow us to control how quickly or slowly the mechanism works and at which rate time is kept, in addition to keeping the correct – that is if we choose.

With only 50 pieces in total created by Hublot, The Masterpiece Key of Key of Time is a very special piece. The only model available in the United States can be yours for $305,000.00 and is available at the Hublot New York Flagship Boutique, located at 692 Madison Avenue in New York City.